Black Friday Fun Without Shopping

Black Friday brings out shoppers and bargain hunters of all shapes and sizes. With post-holiday deals beginning earlier and extending longer, the draw to shop on Black Friday is becoming a bit more of a traditional habit rather than of necessity. For those looking to avoid the madness, spend a family-fun day away from the stores with a few helpful suggestions.

woman decorating box

© Pojoslaw | Dreamstime

Get Crafty

Stay in and get in the holiday spirit with arts and crafts. Younger kids will enjoy making ornaments, painting picture frames and putting together gift bags. It may seem too early for Christmas and Hanukah gifts, but getting a jump on decoration making and trimmings is a fun way to get in the holiday mode without hitting the mall.

Get Charitable

Spring cleaning may be out of season, but there are a few easy ways to organize and de-clutter in time for the holidays. Go through old clothes, toys, books and household items, preparing donations for the Salvation Army and Goodwill or local church group and charity organization. You’ll feel accomplished while making room for winter coats and new toys for the kids.

family walk in the woods

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Get Outside

Visit a local park and opt outside this Friday to connect with nature. Pack up some holiday leftovers and plan a picnic after your hike, or scope out a rock climbing class in your area. Look into local bike tours and get a new perspective on a familiar area, or head somewhere completely new, taking in the fall vistas before the winter weather closes in. Check out REI’s hashtag and head outside for some outdoorsy inspiration.

Get Entertained

Get the kids together for a movie marathon. Put on some holiday films, bake and decorate the house together. Let them invite some friends and have a fun day in watching a magical trilogy or epic adventure, or keep it to the nuclear crew and enjoy an impromptu family party.