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Buenos Aires for Families

by Erich Martin

Oct 7, 2019

Diego Grandi | Dreamstime.com

Destinations / Latin America

Latin America has a lot to offer families who explore its cities, parks and wonders. Buenos Aires, or “Good Air,” is the capital of Argentina, and has plenty for families to see and experience.


The entire city is packed with things to fill an entire vacation. Add in the surrounding region, and this is a must-visit city for all globetrotting families.


One of the first things you should do is make an effort to see the president’s house. This pink house acts as the presidential office, much in the same way the White House acts as the president’s residence in the United States. Casa Rosada sits on the outer edge of town, near the Atlantic Ocean and across from the Plaza de Mayo. This historic site should probably be one of your first stops, but it is absolutely not where the fun should end.


Like many cities, Buenos Aires has a district with distinctly colored buildings, La Boca. The district is home to an art museum and markets. Great steakhouses can also be found here.


If your kids are familiar with concepts of death and are capable of respecting the past, a visit to Recoleta Cemetery should be mandatory. This acts as the final resting place for many notable Argentinian residents, including Eva Perón. The artwork on some of the mausoleums alone is worth the entrance fee. Buenos Aires is filled with historic monuments and incredible architecture. The Obelisco de Buenos Aires is a sight to behold, while Congreso de la Nación Argentina is the seat of the Argentinian government boasting an incredible structure.


Buenos Aires is filled with excellent museums. Any family with any interest, even passing, in any kind of art needs to set some time aside to see these collections. First, check out the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, in the Recoleta section of the city. It is a perfect stopping-off point after the family visits the Recoleta Cemetery.

Photo: Coconutdreams | Dreamstime.com

Families also need to make sure to visit MALBA. This contemporary art museum showcases Latin American artwork in a collected space. It is possible to see everything this museum has to offer in a few hours, making it a must visit. Just make sure to vet some of the exhibitions before letting children in, especially if they are in closed-off rooms.


The food in Buenos Aires is one of the main reasons to visit. Argentina, and Brazil, for that matter, have some of the best beef on the planet. Make sure to check out a few steakhouses to experiences some of this world-class food.


Buenos Aires is a major attraction in itself, but there are a number of excellent daytrips that should be on your family’s radar when you visit.


There are plenty of cattle ranches close enough to the city to warrant a daytrip. One of these, Santa Susana Ranch, is excellent for the entire family. Cowboys tell stories of life in the Argentine wild west, kids can ride horses and the entire family can visit the gift shop.


For other more exotic animals, take a daytrip to Temaikèn Eco Park. This park is one of the best resources for ecological and conservation education in Argentina, and it is just a short drive from the city proper.



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