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Creative Multigenerational Destinations for Nature Lovers

by Angelique Platas

Dec 12, 2019

Photo Credit: Under Canvas

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Choosing a multigenerational family vacation destination is rarely a last-minute endeavor. Depending on your kids’ schedules, your career or schooling, summer is typically the perfect time to let loose, but we have a list of destinations that boast family fun, year-round.


One way to ensure you’re including something for everyone: Choose a multisport destination. Most destinations capable of entertaining all the athletes and adventurers also come with a host of ways to unwind and relax. Think hiking trails and kayaks by day, great dining by night and shopping and spa-going peppered in throughout.



Entertain the restless go-getter but checking out Epic Discovery. This on-mountain summer experience is available in Vail and Breckenridge, as well as a laundry list of other destinations, including Stowe and Park City. Epic Discovery is essentially an adventure wonderland with rides, zip lines, steep slides, live concerts, restaurant weeks, diverse events and more.


Resort in Vail, Colorado. Photo: Christy Hembree | Dreamstime.com


If you’re heading to the Lake Tahoe area, Heavenly Ski Resort offers Epic Discovery with mountain coasters, rope courses, 4×4 vehicle tours and outdoor fun for pretty much everyone.


Take advantage of the region’s famously luxurious hotels and resorts. For travelers looking to relax after hikes, kayaking tours and summer activity outside (or just a full-on spa vacation), check out the many treatments and capabilities of nearby resorts, all offering spa days, high-end shopping, incredible fine dining and endless views of the mountains and bright-blue summer skies.


Utah and Beyond

If you want to go full camping mode this summer, but don’t really have the tools to adventure on your own, enlist the help (and comforts of home for your less camp-focused family) of the professionals, like Glamping Getaway Yurts or Under Canvas.


Sleep under the stars in Goblin Valley State Park, Utah, with a luxury tent after a long day of hiking, mountain biking and canyoneering.


For something with a little more variety, Under Canvas is available in every national park nationwide, and caters to all travelers. Enjoy the comforts of home in a completely stunning locale, available across the country. Check out the 7 Parks in 7 Days offer, where you can visit seven national parks by way of private aircraft during a weeklong vacation.

Under Canvas Suite. Photo Credit: Terry Ward

Do your best out there in the wild, enjoy the rugged beauty of it all, and plan for a car transfer back to the nearest city for some nightlife and civilization. If you can stand the heat, choose a camp in Arizona, Utah, Nevada or Southern California to set yourself up for a second leg of the trip, enjoying the comforts of Las Vegas, Nevada; Sedona resorts; Scottsdale nightlife; SoCal beaches; and anything a short drive away that can break up your multidimensional trip.


Pacific Northwest

For those needing a little break from the heat — that’s what the beach is for — Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon is far more your speed. With sunshine and warm, comfortable weather, you can explore the park’s idyllic beauty with some natural adventures at your own pace. Spend a few nights before heading further north for Portland. Enjoy the comforts and quirkiness of the city with your crew, or head straight for Seattle, Washington, for more shopping and 5-star cuisine. Summer is a great time to enjoy the rare sunny days along the Pacific Northwest.


Getting the group together is difficult enough, but tackling the where, what and how can be overwhelming. Plan early and get a jump on some of the planning — and give yourself some warm weather fun to look forward to — or keep these destinations in mind for a more immediate trip. With a destination that speaks for itself, you can head out on a multigen vacation knowing everyone (or most) of your group can find something they enjoy.


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