Europe for the Whole Family

Europe offers a variety of fun destinations, but finding a fitting destination for the entire family can be difficult, no matter where you are. You definitely don’t want to drag your grandparents to Ibiza, and the kids in your family probably won’t be thrilled by the vineyards of France and Italy. Check out the family-friendly destinations below for a getaway everyone will enjoy.


Many families find Dublin to be a great city for all ages to explore. There are plenty of activities for kids, from kid-friendly museums to the Dublin Zoo. Older family members will love learning about the local culture, from history to cuisine to regional festivals. It’s also a great starter destination for families who have yet to travel abroad as a group, as many non-stop flights are available and you’re less likely to experience a difficult language barrier.


There’s a reason London is one of the top destinations in the world for every demographic. No matter what peaks your interest, you’ll find something to satisfy you. Split up and see your favorite types of attractions, then meet up for lunch or a group tour.


Despite its infamous red light district, Amsterdam offers a world of excitement for families. The easily walk-able, picturesque city offers an array of museums, green spaces and historic attractions, including the Anne Frank House.


Rome is a favorite for families exploring their Italian heritage, or just those looking to see the sites and taste the cuisine. From the Colosseum to the Vatican and beyond, you’ll have your pick of the culturally significant spots, before indulging in the shopping, museums, sporting events and nightlife also offered by the city.

Family selfie in Rome, Italy

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