Spice up Your Trip with a Layover Tour

Wouldn’t it be great to hop on a plane and magically arrive at your destination a few short hours later, refreshed and ready to hit the town? This may be how we envision our well-planned and hard-earned vacations, but the reality of air travel isn’t quite so glamorous. If your destination is far from home, […]

Celebrate Summer With the Family

Summer is on its way, and it is time to celebrate! When the Memorial Day barbecues begin to smolder, it is time to think about ways to spend those luxurious, long summer days with your family. The Summer of Glass in Asheville, N.C., begins May 17 and runs through Oct. 7, featuring Chihuly at Biltmore, […]

72 Hours in London with Kids

The biggest challenge taking kids to London is the sheer volume of things to do and see that can reasonably be squeezed into a single family vacation. Instead of stressing out the family by hitting everything in sight while speeding a stroller (or pram, as they say) down Southbank, slow down. Pare down your choices […]

Toying Around With the Family: World’s Toy Museums

Germany Those iconic images of Christmas market stalls with carols and snow softly falling aren’t all fantasy — Germany was world-renowned for toy-making until mass production came into play. Today you can admire the handiwork in several parts of the country, including Nuremberg, where the Toy Museum in the heart of Old Town features traditional […]

Romance in London

Maybe it’s the bridges — or maybe it’s the way the river wends through the city and the banks seem to wrap around the glittery water, holding it in place while the towers and spires reach for the firmament above. I can’t be sure, but London always has a singular effect on me no other […]

Easter Celebrations Around the World

Colorful eggs, chocolate bunnies, jelly beans and Easter baskets — these are the foundation of many an Easter memory for those who grew up celebrating the holiday. While not every culture and country celebrates Easter, there are plenty of places around the world where you can enjoy the festivities even when you and your family […]