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Family Fun With Fall Crafts

by Mary Melnick

Oct 8, 2020

Photo: Abrosimovae | Dreamstime.com


Fall is the perfect time to spend some quality time with the family. On the weekend, make fun, seasonal crafts with the kids and use them as fall decorations around the house.


Hand Turkeys

This classic fall craft is simple and fun for all ages. Grab a sheet of paper, a marker and have everyone trace their hands. Normally, people use the thumb as the turkey’s head and then decorate the rest of the hand and fingers however they want, but feel free to be creative!


Painting Pumpkins

Whether your family went to the pumpkin patch or bought seasonal gourds at the store, painting pumpkins is always a fun family activity. Make it into a friendly competition to see who makes the best one, or just keep it fun and relaxed.


Painted Leaves

There are a couple ways to do this fall craft: Gather fallen leaves from outside and paint them different colors, wait for them to dry and then hang them up for decoration. Or, paint the collected leaves and then press them onto a white sheet of paper — the paint will transfer and show all the leaves’ characteristics.


Monster Paper Bag Puppet

This is a fun craft activity and perfect for around Halloween. All you need is a brown paper bag, paint, googly eyes and construction paper. This craft lets the kids’ imaginations run wild.


Leaf People

Whether you have leftover leaves from the painted leaves craft or have to go out to collect more, this is a cute and fun way to entertain kids. The kids can assemble their leaves into a person and glue them down onto a piece of paper. Once it’s all glued together, they can draw a face on the head.


Painted Acorns

This craft allows the family to go out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather while collecting acorns. Once you have enough supplies, head inside and start painting!


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