Family Time in Perth, Australia

Traveling with an entire family is never a seamless or simple endeavor. Aside from coordinating transportation, packing, flight times and everything else involved, dealing with children rarely serves to simplify matters. If you’re planning to travel overseas, matters just get more complicated. Perth, Australia, is well worth the effort.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, located on the continent’s southwestern corner. The city was established in the early 1800s and has since grown to be one of the continent’s largest and most populous cities.

Perth provides an excellent overseas adventure for families looking to experience a different culture without going so far as needing the entire family to be fluent in the language of the people of the destination. Australia is a primarily English-speaking nation, making it a great place for families primarily fluent in English.

Australia has the reputation of being home to terrifying indigenous wildlife. Snakes, spiders, scorpions and more seem to have captured the world’s imagination, but the truth of the matter is, if you stick to popular tourist experiences, you will not come into contact with any animals you do not want to.

Perth, and the surrounding region, has many opportunities for families to enjoy their time together abroad. The region is home to natural parks, beaches, culture and lots of educational opportunities for the entire family. Take the whole family on a nature walk to stay active, as well as see the natural side of the region. Perth is home to many parks and regions with countless walking trails, but Perth Hills is home to more than 40 biking and walking trails. In addition to straightforward walking trails and biking tracks, the region is home to botanical gardens with shorter walks filled with splendid sights.

While you are in the region, you should take the family to the city of Wanneroo. The city houses many educational and historical sites, making it perfect for families who like to learn about the destination they are exploring. The first stop here should be the Wanneroo Museum. The museum hosts more than 300 artifacts and historic photographs, according to Perth’s website.

In addition to the city’s museum, the local library and cultural center often have exhibits and events worth visiting.

If you’re coming to the region with an interest in nature and wildlife, there are more than simple walking paths to be discovered in Perth, as in the Yanchep National Park. There is enough to the park for visitors to make the visit their own, with picnic spots and walking trails. The park includes cave tours and koalas, which will be sure to delight the younger and older members of the family.

Whiteman Park is a specific example of one of the region’s excellent places to get in touch with nature.  The park covers thousands of hectares of natural bushland and is only about 25 minutes away from Perth proper. The park features a number of chances to meet kangaroos, koalas and wombats through tours. Specifically for kids, the park has Children’s Forest, where families can explore and appreciate artwork while learning about the natural environment.

Feeding Kangaroos at Whiteman Park

Feeding Kangaroos at Whiteman Park © Bennymarty |

Back in Perth proper, there are many things for families to do.

Families with children a bit older can indulge in a visit to one of Perth’s art galleries, museums or theaters. In order to get a true sense of the city, hop on a city tour and explore the specific attractions and sights Perth has to offer.

Perth is in the middle of an expansive development phase. Much of the development is focused on the RAC Arena, where visitors can catch live entertainment, music and sports. The venue is worth seeing all on its own.

No visit abroad could possibly be complete without a shopping trip. Luckily, Perth is home to some world-class shopping. Shopping in Perth is made easy through the fact many of the retail stores in town follow similar hours.

One of Perth’s big draws for shopping travelers is Perth’s Weekend Markets. The local markets are perfect for city visitors to pick up some locally grown produce, unique art items and one-of-a-kind gifts. If you are looking for some more industrial goods, like records and jewelry, Perth is a great place to get shopping done for the entire family.

No matter how you plan to spend your time visiting the Perth region, there are attractions for the entire family. Nature lovers, music aficionados, art collectors and many more types of travelers will feel right at home in Perth. The city is the perfect stepping stone to see the rest of Australia, or to simply have an excellent time at a one-off stop in a new country.

Although a trip abroad might seem like a daunting task with children, a visit to Perth, and Australia as a whole, is an experience like none other.