Family Tour Options in the Caymans

by Angelique Platas

Jun 30, 2019

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For any families considering a Caribbean getaway, the Cayman Islands should be on your radar. The beautiful landscape, near year-round sunshine, warm weather and nature-loving activities lend well to the rest and relaxation a summer trip requires, but with the added fun and tropical exploration your family wants.

One way to get the most of the island’s diverse marine life, Stingray City offers an array of family-friendly wildlife tours. Stingray City Cayman Islands Ltd. happens to specialize in both land and water activities across Grand Cayman and can help families book the right option for them.

Coral Gardens and Starfish

One can’t-miss locale while on the island, North Sound is beloved with boating, golf courses and scenic water-based activities. Along the tour, guests can snorkel, swim and document their journey to the depths of the stunning coral reefs below. This region also happens to be home to some of the largest southern stingrays in the region — so pack an underwater camera and expect to see some incredible marine life. Your family tour begins with a 20-minute boat ride through clear blue and shallow waters, showcasing a slew of friendly stingrays below ready to be handfed.

Next up, Coral Garden and Starfish Point where guests will get to snorkel along the barrier reefs, loaded with an array of sea life and vibrant coral formations. At the aptly named Starfish Point, guests get back out of the water for a walk along the beach, scanning the sandy shore for close encounters with local starfish.

Coral Gardens and Turtle Lagoon

After you’ve had your fill of water fun and marine life, hop on a bus to the Turtle Centre in West Bay to see green turtles. The kids can even enjoy the chance to pet and hold resident turtles resting in the holding tanks. Another nearby attraction, head to Hell, an impressive geological site boasting views of unique, dark black limestone formations.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. Photo: Ruth Peterkin | Dreamstime.com

Island Tour

If the water activities aren’t really your thing, stick to the land activities of the Eastern District Island Tour. Trek through five notable cultural sites, including the Tortuga Rum FactoryQueen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, Pedro St. James and the Wreck of the Ten Sails.

Another aspect of a tour with Stingray City Cayman Islands that is an asset to families in particular is the easy transportation to and from guest hotels. Check out other tour options for large groups, private excursions and meal-inclusive options.


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