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Happy Lunar New Year From Disney Resort

by Angelique Platas

Jan 10, 2020

Matthew Clausen | Dreamstime.com

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According to the Chinese Lunar New Year, 2020 marks the Year of the Rat, but with a little Disney magic and creativity, families can celebrate the New Year as Year of the Mouse at Disneyland’s California Adventure Park Jan. 17–Feb. 9.


Expect multicultural celebrations, live entertainment, exciting performances and nightly spectacles during the 24-day festival.


See what the blend of traditional Asian practices, modern family fun and Disney-level attention to detail can bring over the course of the celebrations:


Follow the leader during Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession, led by Mulan herself. Celebrate friendship and family during the honorary tradition (and Disney favorite) with a slew of beloved characters following the fierce warrior’s lead. The parade will occur multiple times a day, every day, so your family has a great chance of catching the fun.


By night, guests enjoy the Hurry Home – Lunar New Year Celebration at Paradise Bay. The colorful water show kicks off before the famous mainstay, World of Color. The show will tell a new story, one of a little lantern’s quest to reunite with loved ones, all surrounded by the theme of honor and good fortune in the New Year.


Yes, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse will also be in on the festivities — after all, it’s (sort of) the Year of the Mouse. The world-famous pair will greet visitors and roam the park along with their entourage of character pals.


Even the cuisine will showcase the highlighted traditions of the Lunar New Year, with dining and drink options spanning the international gamut of choices, including Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese fare. Expect a slew of options, from bao buns and noodles to specifically designed drinks, using traditional Asian spices. Foodie families may want to grab a Sip and Savor pass for the best value while dining through the Asian marketplace.


Between the festival’s many arts and craft stations, fun wishing well, daily (and nightly) live performances and musical entertainment, there is truly something to inspire everyone in your crew. The event is not only vibrant and entertaining, but also educational and immersive for the worldly curious kids in your crew.


For anyone who knows Disney, they know no detail will be spared. Check out Disneyland’s many well-timed hotel offers and more at Disneyland.com before planning your family getaway.


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