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Holiday Stocking Stuffers for Your Favorite Travelers

by Debra Bokur

Dec 12, 2019

Bogdan Sonyachny | Dreamstime.com


Time is running out if you’re gift gathering for the travelers on your holiday shopping list. If you still have stockings to fill, here are some fun picks:


It’s getting a little more complicated to travel with a comfort animal these days, particularly if yours happens to be a bear or a dolphin. Gift yourself or your travel friends with a sparkly, non-controversial option from La Menagerie that’s unlikely to get loose, growl or cause you to be escorted from the plane before you reach your destination. Laser cut, geometric animal origami necklaces come in plated 18k gold or 925 sterling silver in 25 different species that include bees, bunnies, foxes, cats, dogs, butterflies and giraffes. The company even donates 5 percent of every order to the World Wildlife Fund.


Easy to tote, aluminum-free, packed with healing minerals and available in an assortment of creative scents, ClayDry solid deodorants from Zion Health come in full-sized versions and minis ideal for travel. Vegan, cruelty-free and devoid of gluten and scary parabens, Zion Health utilizes essential oils and 100 percent pure calcium montmorillonite clay sourced from California near Desert Mineral Springs. Formulas come in scents including Sweet Amber, Charcoal Mint, Lemonade, Palo Santo, White Pine, Lavender, Eucalyptus Mint, Green Pear, Winter Oak, Spring Rain, Bourbon and Moroccan Bliss. A fragrance-free choice is also available.


Stuffing that toothbrush into your carry-on toiletry bag at the end of your travels equals a really icky toothbrush at the beginning of your next trip. Solution? A Doctor Plotka’s Mouthwatchers foldable, bacteria-resistant travel toothbrush. Not only does it have a smaller footprint in your ever-diminishing baggage space, it was created by an actual career dentist. Full-sized and electric versions are available, too, and each has the same great healthy teeth and gum features: naturally antimicrobial bristles infused with EPA-approved food grade silver, and a special blend of short and long bristles designed to access even the most narrow, hidden spots between teeth.


We’re not saying you have to wait until your next flight to enjoy the cozy, wooly comfort of Pomobuk Slippers, but bringing them along might make your feet so happy you forget all about the crying baby sitting next to you. Made from responsibly sourced, hand-felted New Zealand wool by Swiss-based Baabuk footwear pros, these slip-ons have grip-and-glide soles and are made in Kathmandu, Nepal. For a fun and stylish touch, Baabuk partnered with fellow Swiss company POMOCA to make use of the colorful offcuts left over from the manufacturing process of the freeride and ski mountaineering skins to create colorful soles you’ll want to flash at other passengers. Just don’t wake that baby.


I’ve tried my share of portable Bluetooth-enabled travel speakers, but didn’t fall in love until the small, compact Wonderboom 2 accompanied me to Iceland, and I got to do my daily yoga practice to the crystal clear sounds of Sigur Ros playing from the corner of my hotel room. They’re drop-proof, offer 10 hours of play time and can connect to two source devices simultaneously. Bonus: Because they float and are completely waterproof, they’re even safe near my tub or on my imaginary yacht. You can play, pause, skip or sing along, but first you have to make a color choice. Options include two-tone knit fabric covers in Deep Space Black, Crushed Ice Grey, Radical Red, Bermuda Blue and Just Peach, all with a nifty handle on top.


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