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How Generation X Fuels Wellness Travel

by Holly Riddle

Feb 9, 2020

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Are you between the ages of 40 and 55? Are you planning a wellness getaway in 2020, either with friends or solo? You’re not alone.


Global luxury travel network Virtuoso recently conducted a survey on wellness travel and found Generation X, those born 1965–1980, or the generation between Baby Boomers and Millennials, is fueling wellness travel.


Going into 2020, the survey found the typical wellness traveler one might expect to see is a Generation X female, traveling either solo or with a group of friends, looking to reduce her stress and anxiety and participate in wellness activities such as meditation. This “typical” wellness traveler is also looking for educational activities, teaching wellness practices to employ after a trip is over and the traveler returns to the stress of daily life at home.


While these travelers primarily stick to domestic destinations (wellness resorts in the Southwest United States are particularly popular), they’re also branching out and booking wellness getaways in destinations such as Bali and Thailand, where it’s not difficult to find travel experiences catered to those seeking a more spiritual journey.


When looking at these travelers’ motivations for seeking out wellness travel of this type, Virtuoso found travelers were motivated by a need to reduce stress and anxiety; a desire for rest and relaxation; or a desire for a body, mind or spirit transformation. A need to “get away from it all” was also quoted, as was a need for “spiritual renewal.”


Activities they’re looking for once in their destinations include meditation, spa treatments, yoga sessions and outdoor adventures. Healthy dining is also a priority. Beyond Bali and Thailand, travelers also take their wellness travel to Europe, with Italy a primary focus, and Latin America, where Costa Rica is a popular wellness travel destination.


Virtuoso also looked at up-and-coming wellness travel destinations and found more wellness travelers are going to Bhutan, Croatia, Vietnam, Portugal and South Africa, and wellness travel growth can be expected in those countries. Additionally, up-and-coming wellness travel trends include focuses on mental health, spirituality and education.


Virtuoso professionals expect wellness travel spending to remain steady from 2019, with 53 percent of specialists surveyed indicating this will be the case, while 45 percent of specialists surveyed expect wellness travel spending to increase in 2020.


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