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Keep Dogs Safe, Comfy on a Family Road Trip

by Susan Barnes

Mar 29, 2018

© Mathew Hayward | Dreamstime.com

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Road trips are a terrific time for your family to pile into the car and hit the open road, destined for new places and adventures that await. And, if you’re like us, that includes your dog, too, who’s definitely a part of the family. Whether your road trip takes you over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house or on a days-long journey, it’s important everyone be comfortable along the way, including Spot.


Pack It Up

Traveling can be a stressful time for pups, especially if it’s something to which they’re unaccustomed. Ease Spot’s mind by packing familiar items to bring along, such as his favorite toys and already-slept-in bedding, complete with at-home scents. You’ll also want to pack enough of Spot’s regular food and treats to enjoy on the road — switching food unexpectedly can cause an upset tummy for your pup, which isn’t fun for anyone. Don’t forget to bring the food and water bowls, too, or travel versions, so he’s ready to eat when you are.


Stay Safe

If your car is filled to the brim with all things road trip, from luggage to coolers to vacation toys and more, it can be easy to overlook a designated spot for, well, Spot to sit. He’ll need his own seat, though, so you can slip a seatbelt through his harness or attach to his collar to keep him secure while the car is moving. A lot of dogs aren’t keen to being leashed in in the car, but it’s important to consider that if the unexpected happens, Spot if safe, too.


dog preparing for a road trip

© Boarding1now | Dreamstime.com


Surround Sound

Once you reach your family road trip destination, whether a hotel room, a rental house or at the home of family or friends, take some time to set up a comfy space just for Spot using his bedding from home and favorite toys. Place his food and water dishes in a conspicuous spot so he can easily find them. And, if you have to leave Spot alone for a while in unfamiliar surroundings, consider leaving the TV or radio on for a bit of background sound that can drown out other unfamiliar sounds that may cause him some stress.


Taking just a bit of time before heading out on your family road trip to be sure your dog is ready will ensure everyone — including your four-legged family member — has a good time.


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