Legoland Opens Legoland Castle Hotel

LEGO-lovers of all ages will be excited for the grand opening of the new LEGOLAND Castle Hotel at LEGOLAND California Resort. The property premiered following a royal ceremony in late April.

“Seeing guests walk into the Grand Hall for the first time is an awesome sight,” said Frank Idris, general manager, LEGOLAND Castle Hotel. “I can’t believe just five years ago we opened the first LEGOLAND Hotel in the nation proving how much LEGOLAND California Resort has become a multi-day destination for families with children ages 2–12. Our guests have asked for an even more immersive experience and that’s exactly what we’re giving them with LEGOLAND Castle Hotel. Not only does every room tell a story, every wall, floor, LEGO model is designed to make guests feel like they’re in an actual castle.”

“We’re excited to open a second hotel having learned from the first how powerful the brand is and children love how their experience in our theme park transforms into an overnight magical memory,” added Peter Ronchetti, general manager, LEGOLAND California Resort. “Not only will this 250-room hotel bring more people to the beautiful city of Carlsbad, which benefits local business, but we’re adding more than 200 jobs further boosting the economy in the region. Considering that, plus the amazing locally-sourced food, great entertainment and whimsical features found throughout the new hotel, this is already a great win for us!”

Throughout the property, more than 3 million LEGO bricks make up more than 2,100 LEGO structures, starting with the royal LEGO statue at the entrance and impressive LEGO wizard in the Grand Hall.

Guestrooms are separated into several themes. In the Royal Princess guestrooms, princesses and jesters join forces to sneak into the grand tournament, breaking gender roles to compete alongside the knights. In the Knights and Dragons guestrooms, the knights take on a deadly foe to defend the king’s castle. Lastly, the Magic Wizard rooms are filled with wizards hard at work on potions and magical displays fit for royalty.

Every guestroom includes a specially dedicated children’s sleeping area with bunk beds, a trundle bed, their own television, a LEGO building station and an illuminated ceiling. Parent sleeping areas feature magic-inspired effects such as ornate headboards with stained glass-inspired LED lights, sparkling canopies, potion-filled shelves and bubbling cauldrons.

Themed dining is provided in the Dragon’s Den, a full-service, sit-down restaurant with an open kitchen. Children’s entertainment includes LEGO models and live entertainers. Social areas include the Royal Courtyard, with play areas for different age groups, a giant movie screen, a resort-style pool and a stage.