Egyptian Kings and Queens on a Budget

Exploring the city of Luxor is as close to quintessential Egypt as it gets. Sitting along the east bank of the Nile River, the city of Luxor offers all the desert sands, ancient sites and royal tombs you can handle — surrounded by a mix of opulent architecture and authentic eateries. Vacationing to such a […]

Discover the Many Pros for Families in Concord

The gold dome you passed on the highway into town and the portraits of presidential elections past on the walls of The Hotel Concord are likely the only clues something special happens here every four years — the first of the nation’s primary elections. It’s then the sleepy city of Concord, New Hampshire, comes alive […]

Places to Stay — and Play — for Music Lovers

Whether it’s jazz, rock or classical, there’s a hotel for every traveler marching to the beat of their own drum. Hands-on fun, like Fender guitars, jamming DJ sets and priceless pianos all beckon from Mexico to Budapest. Opened just in December, Melody Maker Cancun is already getting headlines for its headline-grabbing acts like Afrojack and […]

Airport Hotels Step Up Their “Landing Gear” for Young Travelers

Changes in the way people travel prompted hotels of every description to improve their offerings. This is particularly true of the airport hotel, which, until recently, mainly served as a utilitarian, convenience-driven necessity for business travelers on quick jaunts and passengers faced with flight delays, cancellations and next-day connections. Comfort, aesthetics and edible food, needless […]

Family Hotels in Madrid

Many of Madrid’s attractions are close together and, happily for tourists, there are abundant hotels in all price ranges located in the central part of the city. It is a particularly easy city to get around, with an excellent Metro and bus system and reasonable taxi rates. So wherever you choose, you can reach the […]

Borgo Egnazia, Italy

Borgo Egnazia — a dazzling, white-limestone, village-like, 5-star golf and spa resort — is located in Puglia (aka Apulia), on the southeast heel of Italy’s “boot.” From Brindisi, where we arrived via Rome, it’s a 30-mile coastal drive north on a flat, two-lane autostrada bordering scraggy shrubs along the stark, rugged shores of the Adriatic […]