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Looking for Wellness in all the Right Places

by Angelique Platas

May 6, 2019

Twildlife – Dreamstime.com

Age Specific / Adult Children

Summer is already the season of soaking in the sun, enjoying warm weather with friends and family and skipping off to far-off destinations for vacation. Add an extra level of R&R with a special wellness retreat in a setting made for tranquil relaxation. Escape with the family to a wellness resort.


Aro Hā Wellness Retreat

Hidden in the remote wilderness of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, Aro Hā Wellness Retreat is a great way to completely relax, reset and step away from reality. Detox with raw meals, enjoy long, sometimes half-day, hikes around the incredible surrounding terrain and unwind later with a therapeutic massage. Fall into a deep, well-deserved sleep and wake up to the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls. Gather the family for sunrise yoga and fill up on a heart-healthy breakfast, including gluten-free, dairy-free and all-natural menu items.


Your days and nights at the retreat are essentially what you make them. Guests can choose to learn a new trade with vegetarian cooking classes, spend the day receiving spa treatments, meditate or take a hike in Mount Aspiring National Park. Find the retreat that’s right for you and enjoy Aro Hā’s calming stillness and healthful activities — all surrounded by stunning vistas. This is one trip you’ll walk away from with a new skill, feeling lighter and rejuvenated — not something most families can say after a vacation.

Mount Aspiring National Park.

Mount Aspiring National Park. Photo: Daniela Constantinescu – Dreamstime.com

Lumeria Maui

As if Maui could get any more desirable, Lumeria spoils guests with the ultimate in luxury wellness. Read about upcoming retreats and see what lineup is of interest to you and your wellness needs, or check out the regularly rotating holistic practices.


Guests can explore the beautiful property and all it offers, or post up in the spa and choose from the wide variety of therapeutic elements available for guests, including a signature crystal massage, deep tissue massage, a classic-style Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage, Deep Feet Bar Therapy for active travelers, amethyst treatments and even Craniosacral Therapy, which can help reduce chronic headaches, anxiety and tension in the jaw.



Over in Tulum, Mexico, Amansala is a sought-after eco-chic resort and retreat. Aesthetically, imagine rustic luxury by way of open-air breezeways, cabana-style rooms, candlelight and locally sourced décor. Logistically, prepare for all electrical lights out by 11 p.m., when candles provide illumination for resort guests, and the cool breeze off the ocean is the only air conditioning. The eco-friendly and simplistic approach is not only environmentally conscious, but also a way to make guests feel a bit more connected to nature.


For the active members of the family, mix a bit of rest and relaxation with fitness and choose from annual yoga retreats, bootcamps and detox packages. Swim in the ocean; sunbathe on the beach; get out on the water in kayaks; or simply spend a few days perusing the spa menu, enjoying Mayan healing treatments.


Amangiri Resort

By Āman Hotels & Resorts, Amangiri is one of the most relaxing destinations in Utah. Again, using modern, monochromatic design and a less-is-more approach to luxury, this resort celebrates the region’s millions of years of history by hanging back.


The wild red rock country is literally filled with slot canyons, gorges, mountains and desert — just to mention a few — acting as a backdrop to your relaxing family retreat. Ride horses with the kids; adventure by canyoneering and hiking through the protected land located in the Grand Circle, Canyon Point in Southern Utah; and earn your well-deserved spa treatment later in the day.


Amangiri Resort nestled in Grand Staircase Escalante National Park.

Amangiri Resort nestled in Grand Staircase Escalante National Park. Photo: Karen Foley | Dreamstime.com


Take full advantage of the resort offerings by focusing on local experiences and also indulging in luxurious spa experiences. Practice yoga like a professional in the specialized pavilion; dip a toe in the tranquil waters of the therapy pools; and take time for yourself through flotation therapy, a massage, body scrub or wrap. Something as simple as a sauna or steam room visit can elevate the entire day of natural wonders.


No matter what corner of the world you find yourself in this summer, whether for vacation or a much-needed retreat, we are here for it. Once you decide on the destination and resort, you’re that much closer to experience the ultimate in relaxation retreats and luxury dining and accommodations. After all, it’s the season of treat yourself!


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