Perks of Planning Spring Break Early

Yes, New Year celebrations may be barely behind us, but the next big holiday on the horizon offers prime opportunity to plan that family trip. Planning for a spring break vacation with the family or for the kids can seem like a far-off task for your future self to deal with, but the truth is, the sooner you plan, the more seamless the experience will be — and affordable.

Spring break tends to be that one time a year when everyone comes out of the woodwork for vacation, filling your favorite locales with tourists. Your family may not be alone in taking advantage of the holiday off or kids being home from school, but you can be smart about how, when and where you plan

It’s no joke early birds get better flight times, accommodation options and prices, depending on how touristy the destination.

Be Flexible with Timeline and Expectations

Most employers have a set holiday schedule for the year, so employees know exactly if and when they have a holiday break. If you do have one built into your schedule, plan around your days off and enjoy a long weekend trip over Easter. This might mean a closer locale to spring break in, but that will also mean more money saved and less hassle for you and the kids.

Check in with the students in the family and see exactly when university lets out. This can either open your schedule up to a full-fledged family getaway or allow you to plan guilt-free for a couples’ trip if they already have plans or miss the boat with deadlines.

Be Flexible with Destination and Transportation

Once your clan has all the times and dates worked out, settle on a halfway point to meet up for vacation or pick them up on the way. If you’re seeking the most bang for your buck and quality time together, hit the open road to pick up the kids from school and bring them back, or map out the most time-effective destination based on their school and your home base.

Take Advantage of Special Offers

Check out bundle options with Priceline, CheapOAir or Expedia for first dibs on destination packages, including hotel, flight and car rentals. Just remember, everyone is vacationing at the same time so if there is somewhere specific you would love to go, book early. Prices will only rise later and become more difficult to book.

If you need a longer vacation, use some paid time off from work and link up with the kids or just enjoy a vacation with your partner for a full week away.