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Planning Ahead for Popular Tours

by Angelique Platas

Aug 9, 2019

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Meaningful family vacations are worth planning ahead for. Whether you need the extra time to arrange schedules, book and pay for tours or get the whole crew onboard for an epic vacation, Natural Habitat Adventures definitely fall under the must-experience category worth jumping on early.

Between Nat Hab’s many outdoorsy, adventurous, WWF-partnered wild tours and experiences, there’s a good reason you’ve been hearing this tour name more and more in the family travel world. Plan for that iconic vacation you’ve been thinking about, like excursions through the Galapagos Islands and Peruvian Andes, with help from the experts.

The World of Darwin

Wildlife enthusiasts already know the Galapagos Islands are a dream destination, made reality with Nat Hab’s Family Galapagos Adventure. The famous island is home to incredible species, including marine iguanas, giant tortoises and sea lions — all of which travelers can learn about in an immersive environment along a seven- or 10-day tour.

Sea lions resting on the Galapagos Island beaches.

Sea lions resting on the Galapagos Island beaches. Photo: Kanokrat Tawokhat | Dreamstime.com

You and your young explorers can walk in Darwin’s footsteps along the Galapagos archipelago’s diverse and interesting landscape. Learn all about the resident wildlife, natural selection and micro-environments. What would an island trip be without some time on the boat? Set sail on the National Geographic Islander, a family-ready vessel fully stocked with research- and adventure-focused activities. This tour also offers the opportunity to get out on the water with paddleboards, snorkel excursions and Zodiac adventures, with up-close-and-personal experiences with wild seals and penguins. Prices begin at $7,650 a person and 2020 excursions range July and August.

Peru’s Lost World

For all the families meaning to see Machu Picchu’s ruins up close, the Custom Family Machu Picchu Adventure is a seven-day exploration for all your Sacred Valley needs. See the centuries-old civil and hydraulic engineering of the Inca’s past, while learning about ancient architecture and astronomy. Explore the Sacred Valley between Cusco and Machu Picchu while meeting with local Quechua people in Pisac. Learn about the region’s many necessary conservation projects, spearheaded by the Tikapata School.

Peruvian family plowing the land close to the Moray Inca Terraces, near Maras, in the Sacred Valley, Peru.

Peruvian family plowing the land close to the Moray Inca Terraces, near Maras, in the Sacred Valley, Peru. Photo: Peek Creative Collective | Dreamstime.com

Your family will feel right at home with accommodations in private stone casitas along the Urubamba River with views to spare. Take in the region’s incredible history and local lore from your private Peruvian guide and compare notes with Amazonian marvels along your tour.

Learning about the region’s ancient civilization is a great way to engage and garner a deeper appreciation with the land. Kids will take riverboat tours through the tropic regions, vying for a chance to see pink river dolphins, or head back on land to spot local green-winged macaws and howler monkeys in the Amazon. This trip begins at $4,495 and can be arranged upon request. Just steer clear of the rainy seasons and high-tourist times to get the most out of your vacation experience.


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