Puerto Iguazú for the Family

One of the most popular destinations within Argentina is Iguaçu Falls, and chances are you will travel through Puerto Iguazú on your journey. The primarily tourist city shares a border with Paraguay and Brazil, and caters to travelers visiting the falls. In fact, one thing to do when in Puerto Iguazú is to visit the Three Frontiers Landmark where you can see Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay all at the same time.

But it is Iguaçu Falls within Iguaçu National Park that attracts most visitors to this part of the country, so you will want to plan a bit ahead to make the most of your time. Many visitors do not realize a boat trip across the river is included in the price of your ticket to see the falls; it is, but is available to only the first 1,000 passengers. A those-in-the-know tip is to hop on the boat in the morning and then hike the island trail. Once in the park, if you are a bird enthusiast, stop by the Yacutinga Lodge, which offers special tours for birdwatchers.

If you happen to get a taste of the wildlife that lives in the park and around Iguaçu Falls, you may want to take time to visit Güirá Oga, a wildlife refuge with a mission to rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife back into their natural habitats. The refuge is open year-round and offers English-speaking tours, but be sure and inquire as times may vary. And, for more wildlife and birds, there is Parque das Aves, where you may be able to see toucans, macaws, scarlet ibises, flamingos and parrots up close.

A visit to Puerto Iguazú is a visit to natural Argentina, and is time well-spent