Spanish Lessons in Mexico City

Learn Spanish the old-fashioned way, in an exclusive mansion in Mexico City. The Fluenz Spanish Immersion course is a six-day, intensive Spanish class, fully engrossing students in a real-world, Spanish-speaking environment surrounded by fluent speakers — all while staying in luxury accommodations, of course.

Founded by Sonia Gil, the Fluenz Spanish Immersion class was designed for English speakers. While hosting only 12 guests at a time, you’ll receive personalized instruction and attention during the program, while still appreciating the security of the group setting.

Between lessons, enjoy the stay in the beautiful fully restored, 1920s Spanish Revival estate. The cobalt blue color, ornate accents and charming walkway set the scene for a bygone era in Mexico. Go with the kids and make it a family adventure, or encourage the adult children to give it a try. Learning a new skill, especially a language, can better everyone in the family for future careers and travel opportunities.

During the six-day, seven-night stay, students engage in Spanish conversation with expert coaches in one-on-one sessions. After each lesson, students receive an assessment, back to a new session, a new assessment and so on. After a few hours of the learning cycle, it’s recovery time. Join the other students for a yoga session to stretch out, unwind and get the blood flowing again. Fuel up with freshly prepared meals from locally sourced ingredients and power your mind and body for your next session.

Outdoor dining in Mexico City, Mexico

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Don’t worry — you won’t be cooped up in the house the entire stay. Guests head out at night with your expert hosts and explore the city’s vibrant nightlife, fine dining and exciting bars. Practice your Spanish-speaking skills and converse with the locals, order in the native tongue and get first-hand experience with your newfound ability. Head out on exclusive art tours with expert guides and take in Mexico City in a new light.

Enjoy the sites and culture of Mexico’s capital city with the confidence of a local. After your trip, you will have experienced the city in a new light and have something more to show for it. Stay on a bit longer in the city, or head to another Spanish-speaking destination to relax, explore at your own pace and keep the practice going.