Managing Your Family’s Dietary Needs During Summer Road Trips

If there’s one thing that makes travel difficult, it’s food allergies, and if your means of travel is a road trip, dealing with those food allergies and dietary needs can be even more troublesome. After all, how many times do you pull off at a busy highway exit in the middle of nowhere to find […]

Not a “Food Crawl,” But a Sprint for Adventurous Kids

By now, even casual eaters know Mexico City is not just Mexico’s national seat of government and a cultural hub, but also its gastronomic capital. With that reputation growing stronger over the past decade, many general interest and specialized tour companies have sought to cash in on Mexico City’s expansive panorama of tacos al pastor, […]

Everything Your Family Needs to Eat in Canada

While traveling through Canada, there are a few quintessential menu items your family just has to try. Sure, you’ve had your fair share of maple syrup and know all about about Poutine and Molson beer, but there’s so much classically Canadian cuisine worth seeking out. No matter the meal, or family member’s age or taste, […]

Lufthansa’s New Kids’ Menu

For children of a certain age, asking for a kid’s menu is the only way to ensure they find something they will eat while dining out. For those picky eaters, or little ones needing a meal just their size, a kid’s menu can be a lifesaver for parents. While traveling, finding something for the choosey […]

Laurentians for the Family

When you think of vacations in Canada, the first things that come to mind are probably snow, mountains and sub-zero temperatures, and while there are certainly many times of the year and parts of the country where these would not be the first thing your family sees, the Laurentian Mountains provide an excellent backdrop for […]

5 Reasons to Put Slovenia on Your Bucket List

You’ve likely heard of Slovenia because it’s where First Lady Melania Trump hails from … but probably not for much else. Sure, Hungary has glittering Budapest, Germany has Bavaria and its political powerhouses, and Switzerland has the Alps, but this sleepy little country deserves some love in its own right. Sharing its borders with Austria, […]