Great Rollercoasters for Kids

Rollercoasters are usually designed for a single purpose: to thrill and excite riders. Of course, there are rollercoasters purposefully slow and relaxing, but thrill seekers know to search out the high profiles for a truly exhilarating time. Rollercoasters can be tricky to recommend. Some young kids can’t get enough, while even the slightest drop could […]

4 Public Spaces in Philly To Check Out With the Family This Summer

While families get ready for the summer season, planning vacations and plotting weekend getaways, the city of Philadelphia is, too. Whether deep in the heart of the city, visiting a trendy neighborhood or just sticking along the outskirts, there are a few family-friendly and nearly summer-ready destinations in the Philadelphia area worth visiting this year. […]

Take the Kids to a New Dinosaur-Themed Water Park

A new dinosaur-themed water park opens in Farmington, New Mexico, later this summer and it’s the perfect fit for families who’re fans of Jurassic Park or dinos of all types. Bisti Bay Water Park gets its name from the Bisti Badlands and De-Na-Zin Wilderness Area, a nearby attraction that was historically a dinosaur-filled swamp. Active […]

National Parks to Visit This Winter

Visiting national parks is a go-to family vacation for good reason — you’re surrounded by endless natural beauty, outdoor adventure and interesting wildlife. Visiting our nation’s parks is a great way to connect with the kids while sharing an appreciation for our own breathtaking country. While the summer sunshine may bring blooming fauna and roaming […]

What’s New at Disneyland Resort

No matter our true age, Disneyland is one of those places that brings out the kid in all of us. Whether you have young children, adult children or grandparent children, this year the park is giving everyone even more reason to forget how old they are. Starting in January the park will pay homage to […]

Highland Lakes Burnet County, Texas, for the Family

An old series of advertisements proclaimed, “Texas … It’s Like a Whole Other Country.” And should your next family road trip take you by way of Burnet County, Texas, you’ll discover that saying is even more true than it was a couple of decades back when those ads first aired. While cities like Austin, San […]