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“The Inflight Food Trip” is the Airline Documentary Your Family Should Watch Before Boarding

by Angelique Platas

Feb 7, 2020
Age Specific / Adult Children

Now available on Amazon Prime, The Inflight Food Trip is one of the first airline food documentary series in the world — and an interesting watch for avid travelers and families ahead of their next flight.


Follow different airlines and in-flight caterers around the world for an inside look at the process. See how the sausage is made, so to speak, with Nik Loukas, also the name behind @inflightfeed, an Instagram account focused on in-flight catering, meals and service.


After a trip to Riga and Tokyo with Air Baltic and SAS in 2016, the team (along with Rainbow Trout Films) crowdsourced using Indiegogo to put what were simple short stories into a full-fledged docu-series. After campaign and crowd sourcing success, filming began and continued for two years and several trips around the world.


“I was shocked when we raised funds, and couldn’t believe we were given this opportunity thanks to our backers” stated Loukas.


“The filming was a challenge because we often found ourselves with limited time at airports, boarding flights and getting all the footage we needed. I love the fact that we cover a variety of airlines from around the world,” said James Mellor, Rainbow Trout Films.

The unique documentary follows Loukas and Mellor around the world as they visit in-flight caterers and airlines, getting the scoop on how airline cuisine comes to be. The pair traveled through Vienna, Paris, Athens, New York, Riga, Guangzhou, Istanbul and Tokyo while filming from December 2016 to July 2017. Mellor broke off to film with educators, professors and aviation specialists to round out the findings before production was completed in December 2019.

The stars of the show are the airlines that all present various stories and a unique perspective on food in the air to viewers. You will discover what planning goes into your meal and get a feel of what it’s like to mass produce food suitable for flight. Learn some of the science behind the taste of airplane food and see how even the lights can make a difference.

Definitely a first of its kind, the Amazon series showcases airline food in a new, thoughtful way. Previously a punchline in 1980s standup comedy turned hit-or-miss-dining experiences by airlines, taking a look at not just airline food, but also the art of travel and food culture, is a novel concept for the industry.

The series takes viewers beyond airline food trays and staging kitchens, deep behind the scenes with an inside-look at first-class flight attendant food training with Swiss International Air Lines in Zürich. Learn about all the nuances of menu curating, wine pairings and way more than your high-flying family may expect.


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