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Top Destinations For Yurt Camping

by Eugenia Lazaris

Jul 16, 2019

Kwiktor | Dreamstime.com


Yurt camping, also known as glamping, is gaining increasing popularity and for good reason — it’s a great way to commune with nature in locations of extraordinary beauty without giving up the creature comforts of home. Yurts are great ways for families to camp together because it keeps the whole family under one weather-proofed roof.


These fixed-location tents come with great amenities, like comfortable beds, kitchenettes, indoor heating and, in some cases, even indoor plumbing. Check out these amazing locations for yurt camping that will let you enjoy some of the world’s most stunning landscapes while sipping hot cocoa from your front porch.


Goblin Valley, Utah

Goblin Valley State Park in central Utah is home to thousands of rock formations known as hoodoos. These unique formations have been nicknamed ‘goblins’ due to their odd mushroom shape and range from several inches to several feet in height. Yurt camping here feels like spending time on a Star Wars movie set. Make your reservations ahead of time online for $100. Yurts can hold up to five guests.



Enjoy the pristine beauty of Alaska on a private island with Orca Island Cabins in Resurrection Bay. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, lush forests and pristine waters, visitors can kayak, fish, hike and relax in the heart of Alaska’s wilderness. Yurts accommodate two–four guests, starting at $690 per night. Rates include lodging, transportation to the island and use of outdoor equipment like kayaks, paddleboards, fishing gear and wetsuits. Yurts also come with firewood so your family can sit around the fire pit enjoying the crisp Alaskan nights.


Canoeing around Orca Island, Alaska

Canoeing around Orca Island, Alaska. Photo: Frank Harms | Dreamstime.com



Head to Torres Del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia for yurt camping in some of the world’s wildest wilderness. The stunning beauty and incredible variety of outdoor activities at Patagonia Camp makes it the ideal vacation destination for an adventurous family. Adding a luxury yurt to the equation makes it a no-brainer for camping families. All yurts include in-tent bathrooms, private balconies and outdoor hot tubs, while family yurts include a second, attached room so mom and dad can have some privacy while knowing the kids are safe nearby.


South Africa

Thula Thula, in the heart of Zululand in South Africa, is a private game lodge run by the family of the late Elephant Whisperer, Lawrence Anthony. The lodge is a tribute to his incredible conservation efforts and lets families glamp in luxury amid some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife. Family tents include a private wildlife viewing deck, full bathrooms and sleep up to four.


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Jul 10, 2020

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This summer, family travel at The Peninsula receives an upgrade with the debut of Camp Peninsula, a children’s experience that recreates the spirit of camping right in the heart of Beverly Hills. The journey begins with a special welcome from Peter Bear, the hotel’s lovable mascot, at check-in. After taking a picture with the life-sized teddy bear, kids will be whisked away by a Peninsula Camp Counselor to a luxurious guestroom where a charming teepee awaits. An afternoon of camp-themed games and activities, including a hotel-wide scavenger hunt, rounds off the family-friendly experience, fun for children of all ages. Whether it’s a luxe staycation or an extended holiday, Camp Peninsula is an ideal way to ensure the little ones are happy campers.

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