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Travel Journalists, Influencers Ready to Return to Travel

by Katie Skrzek

May 19, 2020

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Travel Tips

CM Communications, a PR agency specializing in the travel and hospitality industry, recently polled travel journalists and social media influencers regarding post-COVID-19 travel. The survey polled more than 400 journalists, editors, bloggers and influencers across major markets nationwide.


Of those polled, 25 percent are willing to travel immediately, with 36 percent looking to travel in one or two months after restrictions lift. Twenty-eight percent would like to travel three–six months after stay-at-home orders end.


A beach or lakeside getaway ranked as the most desired travel experience, with 75 percent of respondents expressing interest. Other popular travel experiences include a countryside road trip (55 percent), spa retreat (47 percent), visiting museums or historic attractions (32 percent), urban vacations (32 percent) and an outdoor retreat (31 percent).


When travel resumes, safety and cleanliness precautions are key. Those surveyed are interested in additional safety measures from hotels and resorts. Ninety percent expect access to hand sanitizer on property. Rigorous cleaning techniques by hotel cleaning staff are important to 89 percent of those surveyed, though 64 percent would like daily housekeeping to be optional. Seventy-five percent believe in proper social distancing in common areas. Thirty-six percent would like a Plexiglass divider at the check-in area.


Read more about the full survey results.


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