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Travel Organization Tips

by Contributor

Dec 22, 2017

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Travel Tips

Aside from waiting in line, lost baggage or missed flights, one of the most dreaded aspects of travel is the packing process. Packing the perfect suitcase may seem nearly impossible, but with these quick tips and tricks, you will walk out the door and into the airport in a breeze.


To do list trip planning

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Although you may feel like a little kid going to summer camp with a checklist, it is always important to make a list of items you want to pack for your trip and know you cannot forget. Your list can be as vague or as specific as you would like, but it is always important to write down and visualize the necessities. This may keep you from forgetting to pack important items like your phone charger or your toothbrush when you are running late to the airport in the morning.


Winter is coming, so it is necessary to pack your warm winter clothing. For bulky items such as snow pants and jackets, it is best to use a storage bag in which you can suck the air out. These bags usually come with a small pump that is easy to bring along with you and doesn’t take up much space. This is a dangerously efficient way of packing, meaning you will be able to fit a lot more clothes in your suitcase and the weight of the bag will go up. Be sure to weigh your luggage ahead of time to avoid going over that 50-pound limit at airport check-in.


Some organization fanatics believe the secret to a compact suitcase is in the folding method. Instead of folding your clothing normally, try the rolling technique. This makes clothing easier to find and more compact. This is helpful for easily pliable and smaller-sized clothing such as children’s shirts and shorts.


Nothing is worse than having your clean clothes mix with your dirty clothing. Always bring another bag to separate your fresh clothes from the used. This is especially important if you plan on working out or getting soaked.


Before loading all of your goods into your suitcase, make sure you lay out your piles and items on the floor or spread them on your bed. Aside from making the double-checking process more organized and efficient, doing this cuts down the time the clothes are crammed in the suitcase with the potential of getting wrinkled.


Your first attempt at a more organized suitcase may not go as planned and that’s okay. Any aspect of organization takes practice and patience.


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