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Vellabox for the Candle Lovers in Your Family

by Angelique Platas

Nov 8, 2019


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We get it, we all have that candle person in our lives — the person who smells every candle in the store, picks a new one up on most outings and has a scent for every season — because some of us are that candle person.


For obvious reasons, buying gifts for the candle person is easy, but you can make it a little more exciting with Vellabox, the subscription service for candle people.




Choose from three different monthly box sizes: The Lucerna Box, a four-ounce candle (25 hours burn time) and one surprise gift, beginning at $13 a month; the Ignis Box includes one eight-ounce candle (50 hours burn time) with one surprise gift, $23 a month; and the Vivere Box, with one eight-ounce candle, one four-ounce candle, one surprise gift and free shipping, for $30 a month.


Each monthly shipment includes a new scent, crafted by American artisan candle companies, broadening your candle person’s horizons. Each curated box offers a little something special and a message from the sender. If it’s a gift, even to yourself, shoppers can save by paying in bulk.




Gift someone with the whole year, six months or three months and even choose the day they receive their first box, with the following delivered on the fifth of each month. Purchasers can also skip a month if their stash is getting out of hand at any time.


It’s a fun way to give a gift that keeps giving and enhance someone’s seasonal candle collection. When you receive a candle or new scent you love, look it up and see what else the company creates — often the artisans also sell soaps, lotions, cleansers and perfumes.




It’s also a great way to shop small on a larger scale. Each curated box includes small-business candles, created with locally sourced products and natural ingredients.


For those who want to give it a try without committing to a subscription, Vellabox has an online candle shop stocked with different scents, wax types, burn times, sizes, containers and brand names.


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