Where to Travel Off-Season

Family travel can be difficult to coordinate in general, let alone affordably. Take the road less-traveled and vacation during the off-season for more affordable prices, fewer crowds for the kids and flexible dates for your busy schedules.

Check out this list of destinations that bring the same benefits in the off-season, but without the high prices and over-touristed streets and beaches.

Amalfi Coast

The pastel-colored mountainsides of the Amalfi Coast are just as beautiful in October, but with less crowds to sift through. Summer tourism has subsided by then, but the sunshine and warm temperatures do not. With highs in the 70–80s, you’ll still enjoy a tan on the beach and swim in the idyllic Mediterranean. For those just stopping through, the ferry runs through October so you can still get out on the water.


Right after the summer crowds fade, but before hurricane season, autumn in the Bahamas is like a dream. Enjoy wide open beaches, visit local swimming pigs and bask in the sunshine. Family-friendly resorts line the beaches, some including all-inclusive offerings that will be more reasonable in the slower months.

Fall weather in Bali, Indonesia

Fall weather in Bali, Indonesia © Ahmad Hafiz Ismail | Dreamstime.com


Plan that epic trip to Bali in September or October when the crowds (and prices) die down. It may be a bit rainy, but Airbnb’s range $9–179 a night and hotels are not priced much different. Eat and drink like a local and explore the less-touristy streets of the Indonesian island in the off-season. Flight prices can be as low as $800–1,000, pretty incredible considering the distance and typical price, year-round.

Narrowing down a destination to visit can be difficult enough, let alone the planning and taking time off. Do yourself a favor and skip the high-tourist seasons when you can. Some of your top bucket-list destinations may be jam-packed with tourists in the high season, so consider visiting when the crowd is not.