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4 Tiny Houses Perfect for Traveling Families

by Holly Riddle

Jan 30, 2020

Tiny House. Photo: Ariel Mcglothin | Dreamstime.com

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Get close — real close — to the family this year with a stay in a tiny house. Tiny houses have become a bit of a trend, with minimalistic, eco-conscious travelers opting for spaces with smaller, greener footprints. Here are four tiny houses your traveling family can stay in this year, whether you just want a unique accommodation option or are considering the tiny home lifestyle for yourself and you want to give it a test run before committing.


Catskill Mountains Hideaway

This family-friendly tiny house can accommodate three guests across its total space of less than 140 square feet. There’s a daybed and sleeping loft, desk and dining area. The rustic tiny house sits on a 12-acre farm, with goats, sheep, alpacas and chickens. You can even buy eggs and vegetables from the farm to rustle up a hearty breakfast. You certainly won’t be at a loss for outdoor activities, with hiking, cycling, kayaking and horseback riding available nearby.


Halkidki Holiday

In Halkidki, Greece, your family and even your extended family can rent a set of three tiny houses for a total guest capacity of 12 people. Each 365-square-foot wooden house is luxuriously outfitted with everything you might need in the bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen. Each unit is filled with natural light and there’s a deck that looks out on the water. You’ll enjoy access to your own private beach during your stay, just steps from your door.


Tiny Tree House

This tiny house sits high above the rest — it’s in a tree. The tiny tree house in Sandane, Norway, fits three guests, but you’ll hardly feel closed in, as a floor-to-ceiling glass wall provides gorgeous views of the fjords. Sleeping options include a hammock, double bed and floor mattress.


Tiny House Glamping

And, if you like the idea of taking the entire extended family on a tiny house adventure, but can’t make it to Greece any time soon, you might want to check out this property in North Bend, Washington. It offers three tiny house units for a total capacity of 10 guests, each unit holding three–four people. Each solar-powered unit offers a queen bed and two single beds, as well as a  kitchenette and eco-friendly bathroom with compostable toilet. Outdoor amenities include fire pits, seating and a picnic table, all within Snoqualmie National Forest.


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