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Affordable Family Day in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

by Angelique Platas

Jan 9, 2020

Sean Pavone | Dreamstime.com


Located in southern Taiwan, surrounded by the South China Sea and Pintung County, Kaohsiung is a seaport city with vibrant history and attractions — it’s also a truly epic destination for avid travelers and city-loving families.


With a bustling city to one side, sprawling seaside vistas to the other and a slew of skyscrapers and downtown fun within, Kaohsiung is a city boasting more activity than most families will know what to do with, but it doesn’t hurt to try.


With enough diversions to entertain even your most unruly child, a day in this city requires a hearty breakfast, but don’t let the word “city” fool you. Kaohsiung can be an affordable locale.


Fill up for less with an all-American breakfast at Arkansas Diner — think tater tot scrambles and biscuits. With a menu full of recognizable delights and a cozy, casual atmosphere, this stop is a great first bite into the city and transition for your culture-shocked kids.


Even better than the diner’s food and prices is its proximity to Love River. Walk along the Heart of Love River, taking in views of the city from the bridge and plan your next move. Stroll along the walking paths to get your steps in, shop, sightsee and visit various cafés along the bank.


To get off your feet for a little while and see the city from a new vantage point, get out on the water by local boat rental before trekking back into the heart of the city for more discoveries.


As electrifying as the city can be, it can also be incredibly low-key and casual, depending on your family’s interests.


Fo Guang Shan Monastery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Photo: Smaychia | Dreamstime.com


Famous for its parks, the Tuntex Sky Tower is a focal point of the city and impressive skyscraper worth venturing to while in the city. The shoppers in the family can explore Kaohsiung’s great day and night markets while getting a more localized feel for the city. Fill up on affordable, authentic cuisine and peruse the bustling market’s seemingly unending line of vendors.


The Liuhe Night Market is a must-visit for all ages, but especially teens and older children. The little ones will be dazzled by the characters and vibrant lights, but this shopping hub can get pretty busy. This stop is a quintessential Taiwan experience and a can’t-miss while in Kaohsiung.


By day, this city is nearly as green as it is well-lit at night. Venture to Lotus Pond, Lianchi Tan Scenei area, Spring and Autumn Pavillions and the various stops around the pond for more history, natural beauty and scenery to enjoy with the kids.


Don’t forget, nearly all of this family bonding, exercise and sightseeing is completely free, so enjoy!


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