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Are Your Kids Ready for a Cruise?

by Barbara Rogers

Aug 22, 2022

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Just because kids are old enough for you to take them on a cruise doesn’t mean they are ready. Living on a cruise ship with a lot of strangers is different from life at home, so before you add cruising to your family travels, consider these tips for preparing younger children for the trip of a lifetime.


Table Manners

Would you take your child out for an evening at an upscale restaurant? Brush up basic table manners before entering a ship’s dining room. You may be so used to seeing your kids slurp spaghetti and laughing with their mouth full, but other passengers are not.


Buffet Lines

 At home it may be okay to put something back if they change their mind, but not on a buffet with other passengers. No hands, ever — if the utensils are too big for little hands, then little hands should not be reaching for food. And less is sometimes more — or at least safer than balancing an overfilled plate while walking.


Awareness of Others

If your children aren’t around elderly people or those who might be unsteady on a moving ship, they may not realize bumping into people or running can be dangerous. You don’t want your child to be the one that inadvertently causes a broken hip, and you don’t want your child falling down the stairs when the ship moves unexpectedly.


Speaking Softly

 A cruise ship, especially in the dining room and other indoor spaces, is a place for their “indoor voice.”


Please and Thank You

 Your kids already know these, but it’s not always easy to remember when they’re excited or in new surroundings. These may take some frequent reminders, but both the crew and fellow passengers will appreciate hearing them.


Maybe a few weeks of “Let’s pretend we’re on a cruise ship” at home could get them into cruising mode before they leave on their great adventure. You’ll enjoy your cruise even more if you’re not always worried your children will do something to embarrass you.


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