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Best Bars to Take the Adult Children in Toronto

by Angelique Platas

Nov 25, 2018

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Age Specific / Adult Children

Toronto’s city center is bustling with fun nightlife and entertainment. Check out the quirkier side of the city with your drinking-age children, friends and partners in the city’s most fun and unique watering holes. From the chic, sophisticated side to the off-the-wall dive bars, this city has more than a few locales you and the older kids will love.

Get Well

Take in the vintage vibe and retro fun at Get Well with arcade games, fun style and, of course, great beers. Canada is well-known for its brews and Get Well does not disappoint. This fun spot is ideal for those who want a few beers and entertainment by way of friendly competition with games and throwback fun to kick off a night out or cap off fun dinner plans with the family.

CC Lounge and Whiskey Bar

When you want a nice cocktail or smooth whiskey in a swanky lounge loaded with atmosphere, head to CC Lounge and Whiskey Bar. This Toronto hot spot features a mix of wine and spirits, timeless cocktails and high-end beverages — oh, and a hidden tunnel lined with barrels with historian-led tours. Bring your older kids and enjoy the history-meets-modern fun with Instagram-worthy photos left and right.

Mahjong Bar

Hidden behind a storefront, tucked away, is Mahjong Bar, a mainstay for Chinese dishes and cocktails. This secret spot definitely comes with a vibe and may earn you major points with the kids for even knowing about it. Go hungry and grab a few appetizers with your cocktails and enjoy the hidden Chinese gem in the heart of Toronto.

The Rooftop, The Broadview Hotel

Anytime you’re visiting a new city, a rooftop spot is always a great idea. Grab a drink and a view from the 360-degree, glass-lined terrace of the Broadview Hotel. Take in the sights with the kids and enjoy an eclectic menu of shareable plates, refreshing cocktails and a panoramic view of the city.


Yard games and casual, competitive fun seems to pair well with a bar menu. Reserve a cornhole lane and grab a cocktail on tap from Bangarang. Team up with the kids, or enjoy a little friendly fire in this off-beat Toronto bar. The fun downtown locale is a high-low blend of interesting cocktails, table games and chic décor.


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