Best Kid-Approved Snacks for Your Next Road Trip

Road trips are fun, but they can get messy, especially when you have one or more kids crammed into a tiny space for a long period of time. Don’t let your back seat become the war zone of forgotten, sticky, crumbly, melted, half-eaten, moldy road trip snacks. Try these kid-friendly options instead.


Frozen pancakes (go with a whole-wheat version) can be defrosted and heated ahead of time, then tossed in a plastic bag (sans syrup). They make a yummy treat that’s not too sugary when you’re on the go, and you don’t have to worry about endless crumbs in the car seat. You can do the same with frozen waffle sticks or French toast sticks.


Whether it’s applesauce or yogurt, go with a slurp-able pouch that doesn’t leak the same way a tube of yogurt would, or spill like a cup of apple sauce. For even less mess, stick them in the freezer ahead of time for a long-lasting treat.

Fruit Leather Strips

Dry fruit leather. Delicious, harvest.

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They’re not tiny and difficult to find when dropped like fruit snacks. They’re not sticky and messy like real fruit. Plus, they come in tons of fun flavors and colors, while still retaining all the good vitamins and health benefits you want for your toddler. You can find plenty of organic versions or even make your own at home.

Celery and Peanut Butter

Just bear with me on this one. Forgo the old-fashioned ants on a log and, instead, wait until your peanut butter jar is just about a quarter full (or less). Slice up some celery sticks, stick them in the remaining peanut butter, upright, and you’re good to go. The celery stays stuck in the jar in the event of an overturn, and the peanut butter is thick enough not to go anywhere like other dips. Plus, with kids dipping instead of holding a pb-slathered celery stick, there’s less chance of grimy, gross fingers.

No-Bake Balls

You’ve probably already seen them on Pinterest, but no-bake balls are the way to go for a super-nutritious, clean-eating experience you can customize to your kids’ tastes. Plus, the spherical shape leaves less to lose than trail mix, raisins or other snacks. The varieties are endless and they can even be a fun, hands-on experience in the kitchen ahead of time.