Disney Discounts

Walt Disney World Resort is already on most family travel lists for good reason, but moving into 2019, families will have more cause to buckle down and purchase tickets. The new 4-Park Magic Value Ticket helps families experience more parks at a discount in the New Year.

Officially available Jan. 18, 2019, guests have the option to purchase a four-day 4-Park Magic Value Ticket for $85 per day. The full four-day ticket totals $340 before tax and includes one day admission to each park, including Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The breakdown allows families to experience all four parks over the course of four days, individually and at their own pace. No need to rush from Magic Kingdom to Epcot to get the best value for your ticket, you’ll now have a whole day at each.

Discount tickets will be available Jan. 18–Sept. 30, 2019 as a whole, but for a limited time on discount tickets by season. This means 4-Park Magic Value Ticket is valid Jan. 18–March 1, 2019, and must be used within seven days from the purchase date, or by March 1, whichever comes first. Prices range $80–85 for kids and adults per day before tax.

Here is where the breakdown gets a little complicated. 4-Park Magic Select Tickets are available March 2–14; March 27–April 9; April 27–May 27, and Aug. 19–Sept. 30, 2019 — hence the name, select. Tickets range $84–89 for kids and adults before tax, per day and must be used within seven days of purchase.

Summer discounts include the 4-Park Magic Summer Ticket. This option is only valid May 28–Aug. 18, 2019, and costs $90–95 for kids and adults per day before tax.

One important part of the 4-Park Magic Tickets you should consider: They are only valid for one theme park per day and can be used only once each. There are no refunds or transfers and most tickets don’t include special events or individually priced activities, so make sure you have your trip booked and ready before purchasing tickets. Read more about the rules and regulations here before ordering your tickets.

Conveniently right around the time the four-day tickets are available, Mickey & Minnie’s Surprise Celebration at Magic Kingdom will be in full swing. Hosted throughout the park Jan. 18–Sept. 30, events include a street party, live music and various appearances by Minnie and Mickey.

Over in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the park will celebrate its 30th anniversary with Pixar stars, including Woody, Buzz and the Incredibles. Various events are always on at Walt Disney World Parks, but with added incentive packages and tickets, 2019 may be the year to get planning.