Experience Africa with This New Skip-Gen Itinerary

A new skip-gen itinerary from Jacada Travel takes grandparents and grandchildren on an exciting African adventure, combining experiences in the city, bush and on the shore over 11 nights. Stays at some of the continent’s best properties are included and each aspect of the journey gives families the opportunity to take part in conservation and educational projects, so they can not only see initiatives in action, but actually take part in them firsthand.

In Cape Town, stay at the iconic Ellerman House, with its beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and Lion’s Head. Families take tours of two local schools to see how The Click Foundation is impacting child literacy in the area. Beyond the tour, grandparents and grandchildren can interact with the students and talk about their experiences.

“Instead of observing change, this experience allows you to participate in the change happening on the ground,” says Lindsy Terry, sales and marketing manager, Ellerman House.

Great Rift Valley, Kenya © Ciolca | Dreamstime.com

Great Rift Valley, Kenya © Ciolca | Dreamstime.com

Families head to Kenya for a stay at Angama Mara safari lodge, overlooking the Great Rift Valley and Maasai Mara. Again, travelers get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to not only see change in action, but participate firsthand. They’ll meet the Mara Conservancy’s anti-poaching dogs, bred to protect the reserve from any poachers or poaching activity. Then, they spend a morning training with these lovable companions, working with trainers and hearing their stories of life in the field. It’s the perfect activity for dog lovers to see these four-legged furry friends in action, protecting some of the world’s most magnificent beasts from danger.

Lastly, grandparents and grandchildren enjoy a luxurious escape on a private island sanctuary among the Seychelles. On North Island, families split for some alone time. Grandparents get a little one-on-one space while the grandchildren head out with the resident environmentalists on the island to go on “morning turtle patrol” and then plant some indigenous trees from the island’s nursery. The activities are part of an educational initiative that teaches children about the Noah’s Ark conservation project on North Island, which aims to restore the island’s ecosystem to its natural state. Then, everyone comes back together to enjoy the Seychelles as a family.

“You can dive with endangered sea turtles or witness them nesting on our shores,” describes Bruce Simpson, managing director, North Island. “Spot Giant Aldabra Tortoises as you explore the island, or rare Seychelles White-Eyes hiding in the lush palm forests.”

The itinerary starts at $26,450 per person.