Family-Friendly Podcasts

Driving the kids back to school, visiting family or enjoying an end-of-summer family road trip may leave you and the crew starving for entertainment. Between navigating, intermittent stops, naps and everything else that can arise on a long family drive, do yourself a favor and opt for a family-friendly podcast to occupy the time. The driver and shotgun passenger enjoy a break from changing stations and shuffling music to find something everyone will like and just get to sit back and listen.

While some podcasts last 90 minutes or more, you may be so lucky to find one you’ll want to binge-listen, making the ride go that much more smoothly.

Brains On!

Traveling with science-curious kids? Download a few episodes of the science-centric Brains On! podcast. Listen as an inquisitive kid host asks experts the tough questions like, where do tornados come from and how do spiders spin a web? This podcast is ideal for children kindergarten age and up — you may find some answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

Wow in the World

The adult-trusted and kid-approved NPR produced some impressive podcasts over the years. While your teen and older kids may already know and love Serial, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me and Stuff You Should Know, Wow in the World is NPR’s newest endeavor. Focusing on inventions, technology and science, Wow in the World is great for kids of all ages.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

If history and storytelling is more your family’s speed, check out Stuff You Missed in History Class, a close relative of How Stuff Works. Download a few of each and learn all about the invention of peanut butter and the origin stories of Christmas candies.

Ask Me Another

Enjoy a few brainteasers, puzzles, trivia and little-known facts with challenging podcast episodes of Ask Me Another. This weekly podcast includes an array of games for families of all ages, but definitely more enjoyable for your teens and older children.

More interested in spooky stories, true crime, interesting entertainment facts and not worried about profanity? Check out this list of top podcasts to consider.