Holiday in the Cotswolds

by Angelique Platas

Oct 27, 2018

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If you’ve heard anything about the Cotswolds in England, it may have been how serene, quaint and naturally beautiful it is. Located in the deep rural south-central region of the country, the Cotswolds region is typically known as part of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire — if all the “shires” don’t elude to the quaintness of the villages, the following should help.

Picture rolling green hills, thatched roofs, lush grasslands and medieval villages brimming with old-world charm and history. Amid the vibrant rural landscape, you’ll find churches and homes built in the early 1960s, with stately manors lining the quiet village streets.

Active visitors bike and walk for miles, more than 100 if you’re up for it, along the Cotswold Way, leading to the Cotswold Edge enroute to Bath in one direction and Chipping Camden in the other.

No matter the time of year, budget-savvy and family travelers know, you can easily stay and play in the area for a fair price, while making daytrips to Bath and exploring the luxury life of Roman baths and palaces. Traveling this holiday season with young children? Consider yourself lucky and take advantage of the Kids Stay Free option at The Lygon Arms.

The Lygon Arms, Cotswolds, Chipping Campden, England © Arenaphotouk | Dreamstime.com

The Lygon Arms, Cotswolds, Chipping Campden, England © Arenaphotouk | Dreamstime.com

This luxury stay is easily affordable for the whole family during the holiday season, even on a budget. Prices typically begin at £245 per room, per night, or $279, but, for a limited time, kids and pets stay free. Whether visiting family abroad or just catching up on some family time away, you’ll enjoy the fun range of activities and attractions on your holiday.

Kids 12 and younger enjoy lawn games, coloring books, daily activities and fun amenities in the bed and breakfast. The only catch, the kids may have to stay in your room. The modern family sleepover is a great bonding experience and feels like a home away from home. The kids also enjoy the luxurious hotel pool during allotted times and a variety of attractions on the property.

Rent a car and make the most of your trip, taking day excursions to the tourist attractions, scenic drives and spending quality time together in the country. Need your own rooms? The Cotswold Grange Hotel has prices beginning at $100 a night and resembles something from the set of Pride and Prejudice. Enjoy stylish, luxury rooms in the heart of the country with a slew of perks, from complimentary activities and holiday traditions.

Check out the area beforehand and scope out the exact locale best for your family. Narrow down the region best fitting your tourist needs and book before the holidays — step back in time and enjoy the slower paced, incredibly charming holiday season in the Cotswolds. Check here for tours and more to do.


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