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Let Kids Plan Vacation

by Contributor

Nov 4, 2017

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Would you let your child choose your vacation destination? Having children pick the next family vacation is becoming increasingly popular. It gives children a huge responsibility, teaches them valuable planning skills and is an exciting way to include them in something they usually do not get to take part in. If this idea seems unrealistic for your family, you can always let the kids plan one full day of fun or have them help you plan a single activity during your trip.


If your family is more on the spontaneous side with an expendable budget, stick pins in the locations of several possible destinations on a globe. Spin the globe and whichever pin it stops on is where you go. This is a popular method of trip planning younger generations take part in, especially working travelers and backpackers.


If globe spinning is not sensible for your family, allow each child to plan a special activity. Have a brainstorm session revealing the destination to your children and allow them to take some time researching what is going on in the area. As I got older, my parents allowed me to plan an activity and take responsibility for a big part of the vacation-planning process. Over the years this allowed my family to partake in tons of adventures. Check out some of the activities I helped plan.

Whale in Maine

Whale in Maine. Photo: Julie Haupin


In 2009, we spent a week in the north exploring Bar Harbor, Maine, where I saw my first whale up close and indulged in endless amounts of lobster.


In 2011, my family took a long road trip to the South, exploring Charleston and Savannah and stopping at every beach along the way. Our favorites were Hilton Head and Folly Beach.


In 2013, my sister and I took a snorkeling trip in Cancun, Mexico, where we explored the marine life, underwater ruins, clear water and gorgeous beaches. This excursion was an all-day event that took us to three different diving spots, the last being a ship wreck.

Julie Haupin Zip Lining on Vacation

Photo: Julie Haupin

In 2014, I proposed one of my most daring vacation activities in the Great Smoky Mountains. All four of us conquered the Goliath Zip Line Adventure. This zip line course is the highest, fastest and longest in the Smokies and suspends you 475 feet in the air.


My parents planned most of our vacation activities, but were always open to ideas and requests that would give them a bit of relief from the organization. I gained a lot of experience planning, compromising and learning with my family along the way as we explored the great outdoors.


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