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Let Peru Come to You

by Angelique Platas

Apr 23, 2020

Photo: PromPeru, Veronica Stoddart

South America

Armchair travel continues to replace real-life vacation plans amid the COVID-19 crisis, but don’t look at it like a consolation prize — think of it as much-needed research for your next destination. Sit back and absorb the Peruvian ways virtually.


First stop, Machu Picchu


Most avid travelers already have this on their list or in their rearview: Machu Picchu is a world-famous, historic site and an epic hike — one you can enjoy from the comfort of your seat for now. Thanks to YouVisit’s interactive online tour, perspective visitors or nostalgic travelers can take in the stunning overlook views with 360-degree imagery. Explore Machu Picchu’s highest point and peer over the edge of the walls without fear. Turn the volume up and listen to an expert guide deep dive into the region’s history and architecture and point out some resident alpacas. There’s more to see with these links to Choquequirao, ChanChan and Kuélap.


Machu Picchu. Photo: PromPeru, Veronica Stoddart


Now you’ve worked up an appetite …


What’s a (virtual) trip without some culinary experiences? PromPeru’s YouTube page offers one-minute Peruvian recipes even beginners can handle. Make the most of the ingredients you already have and whip up Peruvian favorites like solterito de quinoa (quinoa salad), lomo saltado (stir-fried beef dish) and a side of papa a la huancaína (a potato and cheese dish).


Exotic fruit in Lima market. Photo: PromPeru, Veronica Stoddart


Cruisers and culinary enthusiasts get the best of both worlds with Aqua Expeditions’ online culinary master classes on Facebook. Pair the meal with some cocktails or, more specifically, the cocktail of Peru: the Chilcano. Follow along with food blogger Ayngelina Brogan for her recipe here.


Handicraft shop, Cusco. Photo: PromPeru, Veronica Stoddart

Keep the kids entertained and educated


While you’re chopping, sizzling and shaking Peruvian specialties in the kitchen, keep the kids entertained with Inkaterra’s “at home” website. The site is filled with kid-friendly activities, interactive lessons and visual fun for the whole family. Download free content like Coco the Andean Bear and follow along with print-outs and crafts.


The sounds of Peru


While cooking, playing with the kids or just hanging out around the house, hit play on Inkaterra’s online soundtrack of Peruvian musicians.


Settle in with Netflix

When all else fails, there’s always the trusty streaming services. With a few Peru-themed entertainment options to dive into, there’s bound to be more than one your family can agree on.


For the foodies in the family, Chef’s Table showcases incredible cuisine all around the world, with the Peru episode featured in volume three, episode six.

Cusco. Photo: PromPeru, Veronica Stoddart

For more on Peru’s incredible landscape, escape with Peru – Hidden Treasure (Tesoro Escondido. The 2017 documentary film features everything from Peru’s stunning beaches and ancient history to world-renowned cuisine and heritage.


For young, curious minds, Pacificum: Return to the Ocean follows four scientists on an expedition of Peru’s coastline by way of land, sea and air.


For even younger audiences, Pachamama follows a young boy’s adventure from his Andean village to fulfilling his big dreams.


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