PlayPicks Most Hashtagged Locations

PlayPicks, an online research engine pulling social media statistics, recently uncovered the most-hashtagged destinations in America. Check out the list below to see if your city make the cut, or if your family’s images contribute to the data.

Coming in at No. 1, Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California, was the most hashtagged destination in 2018 in the country — shared on Instagram with a hashtag more than 19 million times.

Disneyland, California © Susanne Neal |

Disneyland, California © Susanne Neal |

Ranking second for most hashtags, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom theme park in Orlando, Florida, was shared more than 9 million times on Instagram.

Ranking first for most-shared beach in the country, Miami Beach was hashtagged on Instagram more than 8.6 million times. Following Miami Beach, Central Park in New York City was shared via hashtag on Instagram more than 6 million times. Another beach makes the list as No. 5, Long Beach in Los Angeles, California, had about 4.5 million hashtag shares on Instagram. Next on the list, another California locale, Coachella in Riverside had just more than 4 million shares.

If the top five most-shared destinations tell us anything, it’s travelers continue sharing and posting quite frequently on vacation. Santa Cruz Beach, California; Times Square, New York City; Venice Beach, California, all follow, respectively with more than 3 million shares. With just less than 3 million hashtag shares, the Grand Canyon in Arizona ranks as No. 10.

The list of American destinations most shared on Instagram tend to go with a theme: All are top tourist destinations and have a mix of manmade and natural wonders. Far more cities and manmade attractions are featured, but this may be more telling in the character of the tourists and less about the destination.

Further research from PlayPicks also determined differences in social media habits by sex, especially when it comes to travel. About 45 percent of male survey respondents claimed to take vacations after being inspired by vacation photos from Instagram influencers. Only about 22 percent of women surveyed admitted to doing the same, but about 50 percent of women said they were inspired by both social media accounts and friends’ vacation photos.

Also according to the data, men claimed to take about 20 minutes to craft and post a social media post with a vacation photo, while women claim to spend about 14 minutes.