Puebla, Mexico

Mexico may have experienced its fair share of earthquakes this year, but you wouldn’t know it strolling the historic streets of Puebla, Mexico, just southeast of Mexico City. Lined with colonial architecture and Renaissance-era cathedrals, Puebla is known for its rich culinary history, incredible hand-painted tiles and pottery.

Puebla, Mexico Shopping District

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Break away from the typical resort stay this year and bring the family to Puebla to enjoy a more rustic and traditional Mexican vacation. Still evident in the city’s local attractions, shops, restaurants, museums, iconic architecture and incredible hotels, there is a vibrant history and warmth to the city — perfect for cultured families and visitors.

The Cartesiano Hotel, a tourist favorite, is a beautiful blend of modern-meets-classic design with ornate tiles arranged on the colonial mansion’s exterior, and contemporary interior comforts for guests.

Take a dip in the pool and enjoy incredible views of the downtown hustle and bustle in one direction and incredible mountain views in the other. Book luxury treatments at the Spa in Cartesiano, as it’s one of the best in city and the only one with Naturopathica products.

Residing on the corner of Boulevard Héroes 5 de Mayo, the Cartesiano is conveniently located within walking distance of most of Pueblo’s top attractions.

A traditional shopping place for tourists in Puebla

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Take Calle 3 Oriente to the city’s historic center and the beautiful sights along the pedestrian-friendly streets. Take a short walk to Cathedral and Zócalo from the hotel, or bring the kids to El Parián, an arts and crafts market in downtown Puebla.

The Amparo Museum is less than half a mile from the hotel and a must-see while in Puebla. Take in the exquisite sites of the Rosario Barroque Chapel before heading back to the hotel for dinner. Enjoy a modern take on the regional Mexican cuisine at Centena 4 or head to Café Hercilia with a gourmet coffee on the deck.

At night, bring the kids on a Puebla Star Ferris wheel ride for a birds-eye-view of the city at night. Chat with the concierge for an inside scoop on local concerts, festivals and live events going on in the city, as there is something new popping up each night.

Cuisine is a big part of the Puebla lifestyle, and with a reputation for some of the best, most authentic traditional Mole recipes, it’s needless to say, but foodie families will not be disappointed.