Swap Out Everyday Items With Cruelty-Free Brands

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to live a cleaner, greener life with the family, you’re in luck — it’s easier than ever. More cruelty-free, all-natural brands are surfacing and becoming way more accessible to the general public. From dish soap and toothpaste to skincare products and makeup, there are plenty of options your family can easily swap in for your everyday lifestyle and household brands, seamlessly.

Start simple with a few household items you might already be nearing the end of and need to replace on your next grocery run.


Pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline tests on animals and sells top name brands like Aquafresh toothpaste. While it’s an easy go-to, there are so many brands you can swap in, like Uncle Harry’s, Tom’s Toothpaste, Nature’s Gate natural toothpaste and Dr. Bronners. Read the full list here. There is a wide variety to choose from and they range in tooth and taste sensitivity for kids and adults.

Cleaning Products

One name brand synonymous with cleaning products is Clorox, but they also test on animals. Replace all the cleaning wipes, bleach and detergent you want with cruelty-free brands like

Mrs. Myer’s and anything in the household and cleaning sections of Brandless. Especially families with young kids and pets, you may feel better about having the less-harmful, but equally effective brands around the house.

Natural Cleaning Products © Aleksandramoslavac | Dreamstime.com

Natural Cleaning Products © Aleksandramoslavac | Dreamstime.com

Skin and Hair Care

Johnson & Johnson is a big name in the hair care and skin care department with products like Clean & Clear and Aveeno, but they also test on animals. Trade out your shampoo and conditioner when it’s finished or start anew with your skincare routine with this list of cruelty-free, all-natural and vegan products.

During the winter months especially, between the harsh cold weather outside and dry heat inside, your skin and hair may pay the price. Host a spa day at home with the family and kick off the New Year with a fun self-care day.

Shop by cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and eco-conscious spa products by Natural Spa Factory. The English company offers skincare, lotions, potions, bath scrubs and wraps. Choose between face oils, polishes and cleansers, or shop gifts and collections, including Luxe Gold and Yuzu Oil & Marjoram.

Juice Beauty is one of those all-natural and organic skin care companies that has a long line of makeup and beauty products that can replace your daily and nightly regimen. The Clinically Validated lineup is like a visit to the dermatologist, while the makeup options boast plant-based ingredients. Choose from a wide variety of organic options, including the Spa Collection. Juice Beauty Spa Collection offers spa-lovers an at-home experience with spa washes, lotions, cleansing bars, wash cloths and exfoliating peels and sprays.

The kids will love the pampered day in and you can feel good about the products you’re using on them and yourself. Shop the smaller travel-sized items and load up for your next getaway, as this routine is just as fun in a hotel or Airbnb. Check out the full list of products and brands that test on animals and see what you can easily replace.