Preparing The Family For a European Vacation

The big day is coming — you and your family are all packed and ready to take Europe by storm! The only problem is, new countries mean new customs and new opportunities to make embarrassing social errors. Customs vary between countries and regions ,but it helps to remember the way we do things at home […]

5 Reasons to Take Kids to Europe

What is the right age for your children to travel in Europe? When you’re ready to take them. Only you know your kids, their energy levels, attention spans and degree of independence. But as soon as they are old enough to absorb their surroundings and participate in travel activities without wearing you to a frazzle, […]

Holiday in the Cotswolds

If you’ve heard anything about the Cotswolds in England, it may have been how serene, quaint and naturally beautiful it is. Located in the deep rural south-central region of the country, the Cotswolds region is typically known as part of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire — if all the “shires” don’t elude to the quaintness of the […]

The Must-Do List for Visiting Central Park with Kids

It’s no lie Central Park is absolutely huge and if you want to see it all in a day with a kid or two in tow … well, good luck. You’ll either need a pretty sturdy stroller or a tough parent attitude that keeps them walking all day. If you want your visit to this […]

Best Year-Round Train Tours

Take to the open country and explore the United States the old-fashioned way, by rail. No matter the age, there’s nothing like sitting back and enjoying the scenery of a new, or beloved, destination with the family. Don’t worry about navigating, driving and trying to enjoy the ride. Just find a cozy spot with the […]

Take the Family to Beijing

Families drawn to the culture and beauty of China can’t go wrong with a vacation in Beijing, but, because of the unfamiliar language, different customs and distance from home, a little advance planning can go a long way toward ensuring a successful experience. Enter The Opposite House, located in a new, open-plan shopping, dining and […]