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Totts Simplifies Packing for Traveling Families

by Angelique Platas

Jul 27, 2020

Photo: Totts

Age Specific / Baby

Traveling with young children and, dare we say, toddlers, can often mean packing everything but the kitchen sink. You’ll need all the essentials, from food, clothing and baby hygiene products to travel gear and just-in-case accessories for every scenario under the sun. Sounds like a lot because it is, but companies like Totts can cut out a significant part of the packing process by shipping all the consumables you need for your trip, like wipes, diapers, body wash, detergent, hand sanitizer and more, to your destination. Travel a little lighter and have all the what-if necessities waiting for you at your Airbnb, hotel or campsite.


Photo: Totts


Each child and family is different and requires their own levels of comfort and needs met, and Totts comes prepared. Choose from packages filled with the specific brands you know and trust, all curated to your family’s needs, ages and even length of travel.


Shop by boxes and fill up on all the specific necessities your family needs (based on inventory, age range and duration), or shop safety travel kits for everyday needs, including Clorox disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, sensitive hand wipes, adult- and child-sized masks, gloves and alcohol device wipes. Box prices vary, safety travel kits begin at $20 and shipping is free.


Safe Travels Kit. Photo: Totts


Totts will deliver each box or kit directly to your destination in time for your arrival, but plan ahead as COVID-19-related delays vary by destination. Totts adheres to CDC guidelines, so you know your deliveries are safe inside and out.


For a little added health and safety help, read through Tott’s travel tips, how the company works or connect on Instagram.


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