An Affordable Day in Turin, Italy

In northern Italy, just below the Alps, visitors find sweeping mountain views and rich landscape — all surrounding historic cities with towering architecture of its own, like Turin. Deep in the heart of wine country and the capital city of Piedmont, Turin is at the cultural center of northern Italy’s refined palate for all things wining and dining. While your taste buds may be elevated, there is still plenty to do while keeping your budget grounded.

Bring the family through the city’s fine museums, cafés and attractions. Turin is like a walking tour through time, which makes it a top contender for travelers of all ages and budgets. There is so much to see and do just while freely exploring the city streets — picture Baroque buildings, grand town squares and enough attention to detail that even the smallest café feels stately and important.

Start your day with a classic Italian breakfast in a nearby café or your hotel — a quick espresso and small pastry should do the trick for just a couple euros. In most Italian cities, you pay first and grab your pastry and bring it over to the bar where your espresso, or café Americano, is freshly prepared. The experience is a fun, traditional way to start a day of sightseeing.

Put on your walking shoes and explore Turin’s scenic boulevards and historic squares, including Piazza Castello and Piazza San Carlo.

A piece of architecture you would have to work hard to miss, the spire of Mole Antonelliana, so tall and grand, can be seen poking out from the surrounding buildings at almost any point in the city. Along with the impressive structure of the building, families can explore its adjacent National Cinema Museum in the building’s 19th-century tower. Tickets range €2.50–15 per person, depending on if you want to visit just one or both sites.

Take a peek at the royal digs of the Royal Palace of Turin for €6–12 per person, or tour the Egyptian Museum’s tunnels and archeological wonders for €13.

Historical shopping Galleria San Federico constructed in 1932 by Federico Canova and Eugenio Corte, Turin, Italy © Rosshelen |

Historical shopping Galleria San Federico constructed in 1932 by Federico Canova and Eugenio Corte, Turin, Italy © Rosshelen |

Explore town on your own and take in the local culture. Be sure to shop through local markets for artisan goods and boutique creations. Most of the local shops offer one-of-a-kind pieces, but make the most of your budget and shop around for the best price.

The city may be filled with ways to spend your money, but you’re going to want to save some for lunch and dinner, as Turin is world-renowned for its incredible wine and cuisine pairings.