Bahamas Excursions for the Entire Family

One of the best parts of taking the entire family on a cruise is the ability to sit back and relax while the ship makes its way to your varying ports of call. Once you reach your destination, days take on a feeling of more traditional travel and there are adventures to be had.

A popular destination for cruises from the East Coast is the Bahamas, and for good reason. It is relatively close, there are many varied experiences once you arrive and there are lots of cruise lines offering itineraries to the islands to fit any and every budget, taste and style.

Carnival Cruise Line offers many excursions in the Bahamas for families. Specifically in Nassau, the company offers families the opportunity to meet varying kinds of marine life, including sea lions, stingrays and dolphins. For families feeling a little more adventurous but still craving time together, there is an option to visit the Atlantis waterpark. The park features a number of pools and slides appropriate for all ages.

Guests traveling on Carnival can also cast anchors at Half Moon Cay. Here, families can go horseback riding, kayaking and snorkeling. These are great family activities due to the relative lack of intensity. Kayaking allows parents and kids to work together to navigate waters, while snorkeling can instill a respect for the life below the waves.

Private island, Bahamas

Private island, Bahamas © Pressfoto |

Several cruise lines, including Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean, each have their own private island for guests. While trips including these islands on their itineraries generally don’t count as excursions, they allow the family to get off the ship in a family-friendly manner to spend several hours together on a private island.

Norwegian Cruise Line offers a number of family-friendly excursions at Nassau, including a three-hour tour of the island, a package that includes access to the Atlantis aquarium and more.

Disney Cruise Line offers some distinction from other popular lines that go to the Bahamas. With the Disney brand name, it is clear all, or most, of the excursions will be family friendly. Some excursions we found offered by Disney include the offer to paddle board with dolphins, private beach days, banana boat thrill rides, rounds of golf and much more.

Make sure to check in with the excursion desk on your ship for help and advice with any adventures that might not be deemed appropriate or acceptable for the entire family. Cruise ship professionals might even have some advice to help better personalize your family adventures.