Extended Family Camping Trip Options

Camping with your best friends, let alone camping with your extended family, may bring about unwanted anxiety and stress. Some may choose to opt for a simple trip to a resort or hotel, but for adventurers on a budget, camping is a wise and cost-efficient choice.

There are so many campsite options in the United States, there is potential to have every family member agree on the location. Some families new to camping may decide on less daring options such as cabin, RV or car camping, while more experienced groups may decide to camp without tents, in bear country or even off the side of a cliff.

family on a camping trip relax outside their tent

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Check out these three vastly different regions popular for campers around the globe. Maybe one destination will be the best fit for you and your family.

Grand Teton

Grand Teton is a popular camping destination in the northwest region of Wyoming. The beautiful area is known for its landscapes and challenging hikes. If you are in it for the views and solidarity, take advantage of the national forest area rather than the national park campground regions that may be more crowded. If you are camping with backpackers and experienced family members, try getting your backcountry permit so you can explore the scenery away from the hustle and bustle. Venturing inside the Tetons is only for experienced hikers and campers as it consists of heavy hiking across multiple days.

Note: Bring bear spray with you EVERYWHERE.

Delaware Water Gap hikers

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Delaware Water Gap

The Delaware Water Gap, located in northeastern Pennsylvania, is otherwise known as the “Gateway to the Pocono Mountains.” Stunning waterfalls, creeks, lakes, trails and mountains make the Delaware Water Gap a popular tourist destination, especially for families with younger children who are just beginning their camping careers. Many hikers come to the gap on the quest to get away from it all. White-water rafting and canoeing are also popular in this area for families of all skill levels.

Twin Falls at Rock Island State Park in Tennessee

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Rock Island State Park

Rock Island is an 883-acre park located in Warren and White County, Tenn. There are options for tent, RV or even cabin camping. The park is known for the Caney Fork Gorge and the Great Falls Dam. Your family can enjoy day hiking trips, rafting, boating and fishing. Be careful in some of the whitewater sections! Some areas are so powerful, they attract professional freestyle kayakers from around the world.