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Fairytale Stay in the Czech Republic at Chateau Mcely Spa Hotel & Forest Retreat

by Debra Bokur

Apr 14, 2020

Photo: Marius Dorin Balate | Dreamstime.com

Age Specific / Adult Children

Not far from Prague, in the Bohemian village of Mcely, the enchanting Chateau Mcely Spa Hotel & Forest Retreat is a world unto itself. Since opening in 2006, the eco-friendly property consistently wins awards, most recently 2018’s Best Five-Star Hotel in the Czech Republic (Hotel Czech Awards) and recognition as the 2019 Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Winner.


The elegant manor house and surrounding estate (the inspired vision of owner Inéz Cusumano) is set within a wide expanse of parkland next to St. George Forest, a landscape suggestive of a traditional English garden. Not only is the chateau an exceptional choice for romantic getaways, it’s also perfect for families. Couples can book the Dinner by the Light of 101 Candles, a private, four-hour feast served in the Golden Hall. Choose your wine from the 17th-century Alchemist Wine Cellar located beneath the main floor — or settle in at the Alchemist Club to enjoy a glass of cognac or fine wine, including the bespoke cuvée created for Chateau Mcely by famed Czech vintner Jiří Hort.


Children get to experience royal treatments that play on a book written by Inéz called Nely, Princess of Chateau Mcely. The story is set within the chateau, and the Princess Nely package includes an overnight stay with a royal breakfast, the Princess Nely Gift Collection, a three-course lunch, two-hour complimentary bicycle use and a selection of surprises delivered by the chateau staff. Princes and princesses also get to experience an hour-long Princess or Prince transformation, compete with a spa treatment and chocolate lollipop — a chateau fairy will even deliver a manicure and hair-styling session.


The property consists of a collection of rooms and suites spread over themed floors, the “floor of the world” and “time.” Other areas include Mcely Bouquet Spa, where handcrafted body care potions are created from local herbs and botanicals; and Piano Nobile restaurant, recently awarded Three Gold Lions and the 2019 award for the Best Restaurant in the Czech Republic.


Special indulgences with take-away value include hour-long courses in blending natural skincare products or natural perfumes. During the workshop, you’ll learn about natural botanical oils and discover how natural ingredients can have a beneficial influence on body, mind and spirit, and create your own bespoke aromatherapy elixir. You can skip the class and browse the gift shop to select from Mcely Bouquet, a brand of healing natural products created on site in a small lab by Inéz and her husband, author, scientist and leadership coach James Cusumano. Soothing, restorative product choices include rosemary butter cleanser, rose facial serum, daisy body oil, wild thyme hand balm, yarrow bath oil, tangerine candy scrub and sea buckthorn eye balm.


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