Travel Apps for Your Next Vacation

Planning and executing a fun family vacation is no easy feat, but making it affordable can be a whole different story. You’ll need some savvy tricks and maybe even a few apps as backup. Begin planning with some help from your tech assistants from the beginning, middle and end of your family trip.


First things first: You’re going to need to actually plan the key components of the vacation. Shop around for your flight, browse cruise deals, find affordable destinations and even bundle a few aspects together. The app keeps everything in your trip together, organized and easily accessible, so you’re not only comparing prices as you go, but staying organized.

Yes, Kayak compares prices for you as you shop, but don’t let that stop you from doing some digging on your own. Enlist the help of, Priceline, HotelTonight and even Skyscanner. Flag prices, hotels and destinations that appeal to your family and budget.

Trail Wallet

Organization is a sneaky key factor in budgeting travel, but when considering the needs of the group, prices can add up quickly and receipts can fall by the wayside. By having an awareness of how much the trip costs, you can keep tabs on your spending as a family, or individually, with Trail Wallet. Travelers can track purchases and expenses in hundreds of currencies, so even internationally you can stay on top of the family’s spending.


TripHobo builds your whole trip itinerary from points of interests and activities you should try, to keeping your budget in check and finding affordable local activities for the whole family. You can also save by checking out public transportation routes. By skipping car rentals, rideshares and taxis, your family can save even more on traveling within your destination. TripHobo also helps you shop by affordable accommodation options before, and during, your trip for multi-city vacations.

Google Trips

Plan your trip and keep your plans in an organized list while shopping for the cheapest travel options. Book your family’s flight, hotels and even the best way to get around the destination you will visit — all using the app. If you’re more comfortable planning on a desktop, Google Trips can be easily accessed before your departure. Sometimes it can be easier planning a vacation for the group by seeing it all laid out in front of you.