Upscale Camping in Europe on a Budget

Europe isn’t exactly known for its budget accommodations, especially when families are involved. One way to save big is by skipping the expensive hotels and pitching a tent, though not everyone’s idea of vacation is sleeping on the ground with squirming kids in tow. That’s where you can combine an upscale campground with a budget you can live with for a decidedly upscale vacation destination.

Turn Camping Into a Treehouse Adventure

Camping isn’t always about pitching a tent and roughing it in the wild. You can turn your family camping vacation into a treehouse adventure with locations around the world with houses listed right on Airbnb or Ecobnb. Treehouses can be ultra luxury including a wooded getaway in a treehouse in Normandy complete with balcony, dining room, kitchen and its own sauna. Although a tree house with tons of amenities will cost you, finding a basic option with a kitchen and enough room for your family is still affordable.

Go Luxury Glamping

If your version of camping is going to another floor to get ice at the hotel, glamping might be in order. Glamping offers upscale luxury camping options like yurts that have permanent structures, furniture and even air conditioning with an open-air top. Glamping Hub can help you find yurts, along with tented cabins and options like bell tents to bring you the luxury you’re looking for without compromising on outdoor fun. You can even find rustic gypsy caravans in the Wicklow Countryside in Ireland. Start by looking at your budget and get creative with how glamped out you can go to find the spot you want.

Luxury camping

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Find a 5-Star Campground

It’s totally possible to camp old-fashioned style in a tent but on a 5-star campground with all the luxury options. Sure, you can find a rustic and quiet campground in Europe for your family. Or you can go ultra luxury and stay at a campsite with water slides, restaurants and kids clubs. Cabins to luxury tent rentals abound and can be found scattered throughout most countries in Europe. For starters, Camping Selection can help narrow down options in Switzerland, Côte d’Azur and beyond. Despite the 5-star reviews, you can opt for a tent or basic accommodations to save on your stay.

Look to Mobile Homes

Mobile homes may sound less than glamorous, but in Europe they can signal a high-end vacation. Rent an upscale mobile home at a camping site that specializes in long-term, short-term and even toddler-friendly campsites. Like the 5-star campground option, mobile home parks in Europe come with kid-friendly entertainment, pools and activities for the whole family. Start with EuroParcs to find a campsite in Europe that suits your family’s needs at a budget below what you would pay to rent an apartment in the city.

Go on an Adventure

Adventurous families don’t have to compromise on getting their luxury fix when it comes to camping. The Ty Nadan campsite in France is home to the region’s longest zipwire, a tree-top adventure with adventure rope bridges, rock climbing, paintball and swimming pools. There’s plenty to do to get your family’s adrenaline pumping before driving out to the Morbihan beaches and relaxing with a swim and bite at a local restaurant. But if budget is an issue, you can also embrace the glorious views while camping in Europe as an adventure in and of itself. No upscale camping amenities required.

Luxury is really what you make of it, so make sure to look for the creature comforts most important to your family, whether it means groceries delivered, a water park or just a sunny spot to pitch a tent with plenty to see and do nearby. Just know your kids may grow up thinking luxury camping is what roughing it is all about.