Where to Begin with Heritage Travel

As defined by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, heritage tourism is essentially traveling to experience the places, artifacts and activities that authentically represent people of the past. Through storytelling, authentic experiences and cultural tours, travelers can examine the life and times of their family’s history or modern lifestyles of the region they are originally from.

With the growing interest in delving into our backgrounds and genetic makeup with services like Ancestry.com and 23andme, more families are discovering their heritage. This growing trend sparked curiosity in travelers, inspiring more individuals and families to visit the home country of their ancestors.

For those fortunate enough to have close family able to tell the tale of where their ancestors are from, discuss with them first and get the inside scoop on your family’s history. Take the test as back-up for any stories you may hear or if you’re unable to search that far back in family tree. The DNA test will lay out, in detail, where your genetic makeup comes from and from what regions of the world.

old town of Matera

Old town of Matera © Sergiomonti | Dreamstime.com

Once you’ve discovered where the majority of your genetic makeup hails from, begin planning your heritage journey. This can be fun to do with siblings, the kids and a spouse, or even as a solo trip.

If you need some direction getting started, Heritage Tours, an expert tour company based in New York City, offers custom-built trips with private tours and itineraries just for you, your friends and family.

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Explore the incredible trip offerings showcasing your family’s unique background with truly extraordinary itineraries and experiences. Customize your trip based on your family’s needs, must-try interests and varied levels of mobility.

If your family’s original homeland isn’t listed, there are plenty of other tour options, like Tauck and TCS World Travel, to choose from operating all over the globe. Narrow down your destination and search for your own unique journey.